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India holds Haqqani group responsible for trageting its interests

Posted on Nov 15, 06:45PM | UNI

Holding the extremist Haqqani network responsible for various terror attacks, including ones on its own interest, India today called for united efforts of the international community to isolate such groups.

India's permanent representative to the United Nations Mr Hardeep Puri in his address at a meeting of the UN Security Council's counter-terror Committee in New York yesterday said the unity of the international community was critical in isolating such terror groups as they threaten peace and security in our region, other parts of the world.

The UN Security Council, under India's presidency,imposed global sanctions against the Haqqanis and the group's chief of suicide operations earlier this month against him. The network is active both in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Mr Puri said the monitoring team of UNSC's counter-terror committee needs to put greater focus to examine the linkages between Al-Qaeda and Taliban comprehensively and objectively, which pose a serious threat to international peace and security.

"As Chair of the Counter-Terrorism Committee, it has been India's constant endeavour to provide a political direction to the work of the Committee and a greater momentum to efforts in bolstering member states' ability in confronting the scourge of terrorism," he said.

Mr Puri stressed that concerted actions were needed against terrorists and their sponsors, including the complete dismantling of terrorist safe havens, sanctuaries, training grounds and financial and ideological support structures.

"We need to adopt a holistic approach that ensures zero-tolerance towards terrorism," he said.

It is critical that all sanctions regimes established by the Security Council should ensure swift, fair and transparent procedures in their decision-making, he said, adding that the process of listings as well as de-listings needs to be guided by the same set of principles - fairness, credibility and transparency.

He also spoke about the threat of non-state actors and terrorists from acquiring weapons of mass destruction and their means of delivery.

"The international community must continue to strengthen its efforts to eliminate the risks relating to sensitive materials and technologies falling into the hands of terrorists and non-state actors.The international response to the threat needs to be national as well as multilateral and global," said Mr Puri.