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Karuna maintains suspense on DMK's stand on FDI issue

Posted on Nov 14, 10:01PM | UNI

The DMK, the second largest ally of the Congress-led UPA at the Centre, today continued its suspense on the stand to be taken by the party in the event of the Opposition moving a no-confidence motion in Parliament on the FDI in retail sector issue.

Talking to reporters here, DMK President M Karunanidhi quipped the element of suspense, was the key to the success of a film.

When reporters asked about the party's stand on the FDI issue, he said, the DMK would hold discussions with the Party MPs and take a decision.

Asked why the DMK was maintaining suspense, instead of making clear its stand on whether it would support or oppose in the event of Opposition bringing in a no-confidence motion on the FDI issue in Parliament, Mr Karunanidhi quipped 'I have penned lyrics and written stories for more than 100 films".

"The success of these films hinged on the element of suspense maintained in them...Only if the suspense element is there, the film will be a success", he said in jest.

When persisted as to why the DMK was not making its stand clear on the issue and maintaining suspense, the DMK Chief said the retail and other traders have said they would be badly affected if the FDI was allowed in retail tade.

"The DMK will keep the interests of the retail traders in mind before taking a final decision on the issue", he said.