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Scores of people suffer burn injuries during Diwali

Posted on Nov 14, 09:35PM | UNI

In spite of verbal and written warnings by social organisations to the children and others on the occasion of Diwali, carelessness in indulging fireworks and lighting crackers caused burn injuries to about 40 persons, mostly children, in this district.

About 20 children from Siwani, Hansi and nearby villages have been brought to local Soni Burn Nursing Home for treatment.

Burns expert Sunil Soni told this correspondent, "Crackers and other fireworks have caused injuries on the faces and hands of many children. None of them is serious and luckily, the eyes are safe." The worst incident was reported from Siwani where four children unfolded a dormant cracker (Sootli Bomb) on the street and collected its potash on a plate and lit fire to it. The sudden eruption burnt the faces of the hildren.

According to a report from Hansi, four children were hospitalised with burnt hands and faces. According to a rough estimate, firecrackers worth about Rs ten crore were used last night out of which about Rs five crore worth fire crackers were in Hisar town.

Many people reported itching and irritation in eyes and suffocation in breathing due to air pollution caused by heavy use of explosives in the crackers.