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Bihar CM greets people on Chitragupta Puja

Posted on Nov 14, 09:34PM | UNI

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today greeted people on the occasion of Chitragupta Puja and wished flow of knowledge and wisdom among all sections of the society which would help them in bringing prosperity in their life.

Mr Kumar, currently on Pakistan visit, in his message, said that Chitragupta Puja had great significance in inculcating the spirit of learning and improving their knowledge among the people.

'God Chitragupta is source of spirit for knowledge and learning among the people and the occasion of Chitragupta Puja symbolises the fact that era of 'might is right' has gone and importance of pen is recognised all around', Chief Minister said and wished the people happy and prosperous life with the blessing of God Chitragupta.