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Tiger House to be opened to public from Nov 16

Posted on Nov 14, 05:47PM | UNI

The Mysore Zoo authorities will add a special enclosure for tiger' on November 16, a press release said today.

Zoo Executive Director B P Ravi said the Tiger house was one of the oldest structures in the Mysore Zoo.

It was built during the days of Maharaja of Mysore and continues to house tigers.

At present there are nine tigers, which are being let into the paddock area on rotation basis. On account of this, animals would remain inside the holding rooms for more than 6 days at a stretch without getting exposed to sunlight and have the chance to move around.

As per the Recognition of Zoo rules and renewal of license guidelines issued by the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) an 'off-exhibit day' is a must for all inmates in the zoo. The CZA has advised the Mysore Zoo to have this facility for tigers and directed it to avoid the exposure of feeding rooms for public viewing.