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Woman skips flight for crab

Posted on Nov 13, 03:29PM | IANS

A woman from Taiwan chose to abandon her flight home after airport authorities refused to let her fly with the hairy crabs she was carrying.

Global Times said Tuesday that the woman had brought eight kg of the seasonal delicacy from a trip to Kunshan, Jiangsu province, to share with her family and friends in Taiwan.

She had packed the crabs in two cartons that were likely to break open. So the airport authorities Monday refused to allow her through the security inspection unless she left the crabs behind.

The woman didn't have time to repack the crabs before her flight departed.

Crabs must be packed into a specific kind of foam box that can be purchased at local seafood markets. Travellers can also buy boxes that can hold about 20 crabs at the airport for about 50 yuan each.