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Katy Perry hid under table to avoid Russell Brand

Posted on Nov 13, 03:28PM | IANS

Singer Katy Perry went under the table to hide from ex-husband Russell Brand when she spotted the comedian at the same restaurant where she was having lunch with singer John Mayer.

She was at The Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills when Brand walked in, and she decided to take cover rather than speak to him, reports thesun.co.uk.

"As soon as Katy saw Russell she hid under the table. When he was directed to one far away, she emerged. John threw some money on the table and they headed to the back door and their waiting car. Russell didn't seem to see a thing but everyone in the restaurant saw what happened," said a source.

Perry, 27, tied the knot with Brand in India in 2010. The two parted ways after 14 months of marriage.