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Pepsi to launch fat-blocking soft drink

Posted on Nov 12, 09:33PM | IANS

Pepsi plans to launch a version of its cola drink that it claims acts as a fat blocker, the Daily Mail reported Monday.

Pepsi Special is made with dextrin - an indigestible form of dietary fibre. Studies on rats suggest this can reduce the absorption of fat in the body and lower cholesterol levels.

There is no information about how much sugar and corn-syrup it contains, compared to standard Pepsi, but a spokesman said it would have a "crisp refreshing and unique" aftertaste.

The drink, which will first be sold in Japan, comes in a "luxury" gold and black bottle with the Pepsi logo emblazoned on the side, the newspaper said. Pepsi Special will cost 150 Yen (1.20 pounds).

There is no word yet on if and when Pepsi Special will go on sale in the US and Europe.