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Beverence to bats makes for silent Diwali in Venur

Posted on Nov 12, 07:32PM | UNI

Celebrating the Diwali festival without bursting crackers sounds strange, but villagers near Vanur in Tamil Nadu are used to it.

Avoiding of bursting crackers on Diwali is not for any enviornmental reason, but for the sake of bats which 'hang around' on banian tree in their village.

The villagers of Kalperumbakkam believe that the presence of bats in the village brings good rains and thereby prosperity to them.

So, they do not wish to disturb winged the mammals in any way. Hence, they do not regret avoding crackers, the hallmark of Diwali celebration.

The village elders told newspersons that they have not been bursting crackers on Diwali day for the past several years so that the bats do not leave their village.

Even for the temple festival the people of Kalperumpakkam villagers do not burst crackers, they added.