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MoU on investment in mining, fertiliser in Af inked after Karzai, Singh talks

Posted on Nov 12, 06:42PM | UNI

The visit of Afghanistan President Hamid karzai, who has come here this time with special focus on seeking greater Indian investment in the country, today culminated in his country signing some important agreements with India, including ones on cooperation in coal mining and in fertiliser sector.

India whose development assistance to Afghanisatn is 2 billion dollars at present, also launched the third phase of its small development project in the war-torn country with the signing of another MoU today.

The agreements were signed after delegation level talks between Mr Karzai and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

In a statement to the media later, Dr Karzai said his focus this time was to bring Indian businesses to Afghanistan as environment was improving for economic activities.

He described India as a "generous frontline supporter to Afghanistan's development with its people's hard earned money." Dr Singh said that the strategic partnership signed between the two countries had led to deepening of political and security cooperation, and now India wanted to develop a strategic economic cooperation with Afghanistan.

"We discussed the need to develop a strategic economic partnership, which will build on our economic synergies for mutual benefit. I also reiterated to President Karzai our belief that Afghanistan's regional economic integration will contribute to overall prosperity and stability in the region," he said.

The two leaders also discussed the changes in the security and political situation in and around Afghanistan.

"I expressed to President Karzai our belief that sustained international support and cooperation in all respects, including in combating terrorism emanating from the neighbourhood, will help Afghanistan meet these challenges. President Karzai's own enlightened leadership will play a big part in this effort," said the Prime Minister.