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Mariah Carey counsels Bobbi Kristina

Posted on Nov 12, 02:53PM | IANS

Singer Mariah Carey is worried about Bobbi Kristina because she feels that the youngster is going down the same destructive path as her mother Whitney Houston who drowned in a bathtub following a cocaine overdose in February.

She had a talk session with Kristina and told her to change her ways.

"Mariah decided it was time for some tough love. She told Krissy straight up that she knows she's not living right. It was a pretty harsh conversation and they both ended up in tears. But hopefully, it had some sort of impact because Krissy needs to make some serious changes," contactmusic.com quoted a source as saying.

Kristina, 19, has hit the headlines for the wrong reasons in the past few months and most recently she smashed up her boyfriend Nick Gordon's brand new car.

The accident came just weeks after they were involved in another crash that damaged Gordon's car.

They had been arguing at the time of the collision, which destroyed the entire front of the vehicle.