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Designer clay lamps burn out traditional ones

Posted on Nov 11, 04:16PM | UNI

In this city of palaces, known for its tradition to conduct festivals over the years, the practice of earthen lamps making declined with the people preferring designer diyas to the traditional ones, and many potters have now stopped making the lamps.

Designer clay lamps and candles for the festival of lights Deepavali are flooding the market in Mysore, which was once home for earthen lamps made by the city's traditional potters. Well known potters of the city are no longer making clay lamps which were great demand once.

Besides malls, shops in residential localities too have started selling designer and colourful lamps made in various sizes and shapes.

Potters speaking to UNI that there were times when earthen lamps or the diyas made by the traditional potters here were very popular and potters were getting bulk orders for the lamps from traders of other towns and cities, including Bangalore.