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Jena suggests integrated programme to manage wastes of mines

Posted on Nov 11, 12:01PM | UNI

Noted environment scientist and Padamshree P K Jena has suggested that an integrated mine area development programme should be taken up in all the mines in the country to manage the wastes and effluents of the mining.

The programme should be undertaken covering scientific mining of different grades of minerals, beneficiation of low grade ores, utilisation of mine overburden, tailings and other wastes materials for back filling the mines and constructing mine roads, afforestation of the surrounding areas and the overburden, rain water harvesting and proper water resources management, utilisation of top soil for plantation.

This would make mines more productive, even after mining and the area will get back its water, forest and soil resources with clean environment, Prof Jena said during a training programme for the scientific and Technical personnel working in these industries which concluded here yesterday.

The noted scientist said waste management of mining, mineral, metal and thermal power industries needed high priority in view of large number of mineral based industries and coal based thermal power plants coming up to meet the increasing demands of energy, metals and alloys in the country.

Dr Jena said but unfortunately, these industries particularly, the thermal power plants and Sponge Iron Industries are releasing lots of toxic solids, liquids and gases to the environment causing rapid deforestation, polluting the water bodies, damaging the soils and causing serious health hazards.

The training programme organised under the aegis of Institute of Advance Technology and Environmental Studies (IATES) has recommended that most of the fly ash generated from the coal based thermal plant should be utilised to back fill the mine pits in a sandwich form with overburden and mineral beneficiation tailing wastes.

This back filling areas should be stabilized progressively through plantation of soil conserving species.

In this manner a large amounts of fly ash can be utilised.