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Kerala Bottled Water Manufacturers to standardize MRP of bottled water

Posted on Nov 08, 10:35PM | UNI

Kerala Bottled Water Manufacturers' Association (KBWA) has decided to standardize Maximum Retail Price (MRP) at Rs 15 per bottle that contains one-litre packaged drinking water.

Addressing a press conference here, Association President M E Mohamed said 'the path-breaking decision, a first of its kind in the country, by an association of this nature, is in the backdrop of increasing tendency on the part of shop owners who fleece the packaged drinking water consumers by charging exorbitant prices.'

Stating that the KBWA's decision to standardize the price had a two-pronged objective, he said 'the whole idea is to free the consumer from exploitation and to bring about ethical business practices.'

The KBWA decision to standardize the price of packaged drinking water bottles could also be interpreted as a clear warning to the multi-national brands that the local manufacturers were here to give a run for their money.