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AMU suspends three students

Posted on Nov 08, 08:38PM | IANS

Three Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) students have been suspended with immediate effect pending an enquiry for indulging in acts of motorbike stunts and harassing passersby Oct 17 after a college function, an official said Thursday.

Further, the university and its maintained institutions have been placed out of bounds for them.

AMU Proctor Khursheed A. Khan said Mohd. Nawaz Sharif and Iftekhar Alam Momin, both Bachelor of Arts (BA) students and a Class 11 boy "gathered around University Circle with their motorbikes" in the late evening of Oct 17 when the institution was celebrating Sir Syed Day and performed stunts causing inconvenience to public.

These students along with a large number of ruffians harassed passersby and displayed disrespectful behaviour to women, Khan said.