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'SCAM driving IT and business transformation'

Posted on Nov 08, 08:35PM | IANS

With information considered the new wealth, SCAM is driving transformation of IT and business, a top official of EMC Data Storage Systems India said Thursday.

SCAM -- an acronym for social (networks), cloud (computing), analytics and mobility -- is what is transforming information technology and business across the world, said Rajesh Janey, president of EMC India and SAARC at company event 'EMC Forum 2012' here.

According to Janey, the Generation Next is driving IT and business transformation.

"The Gen Z can be without a television by watching the channels on the mobile devices," he said.

Janey said cloud computing (use of computing resources delivered as a service over the internet) and big data (huge data difficult to process with existing tools) was a reality which in turn was transforming IT and business.

According to Steve Leonard, vice-president in the office of the EMC Corporation chairman, every minute, around two million search queries are made, 48 hours of video is uploaded on the internet and 650,000 pieces of content are created on Facebook.

"However, there is a severe shortage of skill sets in analysing the data and taking appropriate decisions. India has the opportunity for developing data scientists and data analytics," Leonard said.

There was a lack of new breed of skilled professionals called cloud architects and data scientists, Janey said.