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'I am a very spiritual person' : John Abraham

Posted on Nov 08, 05:12PM | IBNS

John Abraham has the hottest body in Bollywood. The actor-producer shares some fitness tips with TWF correspondent Sreya Basu in Mumbai

What does 'good living' means to you?

A good living to me means living a very disciplined and clean life. Not only in your lifestyle but also in your mind, you need to be very clean, straight and happy.

What is that one important tip you will give to live a healthy life?

Have a control over your diet and everything will be fine in your life. Recently on the sets, I was offered a plate of gulab jamun and samosa; I was tempted, but I told myself that this is not allowed and walked away.

I thought you will recommend regular workouts.

See, most of us, who are working all day outside, don't get time to work out. It's a difficult task to visit the gym every day. Again, not all of us can afford the high membership fees of a gym or have to devote more time to family. So the time we don't get has to be mended with a good diet. According to me a healthy life is like a tripod - it consists of good sleep, good food and a good workout routine. So if you can't exercise properly, just eat right - eat on time and eat the right food.

Is it that easy to get a fit body?

It's very easy to get a fit body. You don't need to go to gym - play a sport like football, tennis or squash.

Many of your contemporaries, especially actresses, are coming up with fitness and yoga DVDs. Are you also planning one?

I have not planned a fitness DVD yet. But I am planning to open a gym. Trust me, I need another one year or so to get into the optimum shape. Most of us have a good upper body ... our arms, chest are perfect. But youngsters must realize exercising does not mean working only your upper body, but your entire body; not just your arms, your legs must also be in a good shape.

With a chiseled body, you are a fitness icon among the masses. How does it feel?

I have a connectivity with the audience. Since I came from a middle-class family, everyone thinks that if John Abraham can build such a body, even we can do it. That's a beautiful connection I share with the guys. Also I have a lot of respect for the kind of appreciation I get from the girls. At the same time, I am aware of the fact that I have to keep working hard on my body.

Which actor do you think started the trend of taking off shirts in Hindi films?

Men used to take off shirts even before me. But I think the trend of building a good body was started by Sanjay Dutt, then came Salman Khan, followed by John Abraham.

Who inspired you to build a good physique?

I have only one international inspiration and that's Sylvester Stallone. I started gyming after seeing his films.

You were recently spotted at the launch of industrialist Yahs Birla's fitness DVD 100pc Living.

Yash has got more than a fabulous body and it's very important for a man in his position to promote something like fitness. I am sure the DVD will do a very good business for him as well as benefit youngsters and everyone out there.

Have you seen the DVD?

Yes, I saw the DVD where I came to know the way he lives his life - he is a vegetarian, spiritual, very disciplined, does not drink or smoke, and has got a great workout regime. He can be a role model to a lot of people.

It is said woman are more spiritual than men. Would you differ? Are you spiritual?

Women are a far superior race. But spirituality is an individual choice. I am a very spiritual person since my childhood though I don't believe too much in religion. I believe in the saying that if you do good, you will get good. I like doing good work and that's very important.

Lots have been said about your break up (with actress Bipasha Basu).

Everyone faces some tough situations in life. But as far as I am concerned, I am very happy right now.

You are quite excited about your upcoming film Shootout At Wadala. Tell us about your character in the movie.

The most special thing about the film is that it's a true, documented story. I play Manya Surve, who was a dreaded gangster who lived (career-wise) between 1979 and 1982. Every actor waits for a film in his career-cycle where people would say it was his path-breaking performance. After New York (2009) and Force (2011), Shootout At Wadala will be a film that will take my acting skills to a different level. And hence I am so very excited about it.