Potato farmers incur heavy losses due to untimely rains (with Video)

2 years ago | 17-03-2015 | ANI

Farrukhabad/ Jalpaiguri, March 17 : Farmers cultivating potatoes in India have a harrowing time with unseasonal rains playing havoc on standing crops.

A potato farmer apparently died of heart attack in Uttar Pradesh on seeing his farmland destroyed in the heavy downpour. In Jalpaiguri district too, farmers complained of reduced output due to excessive rains. Under heavy debts, they are forced to commit suicide, said a farmer.

He added that in the present scenario, a farmer who invests rupees 20,000 per bigha (local unit to measure area) of land, gets only rupees 9,000 for a bigha in return.

Small farmers are struggling to survive as erratic weather hits their only source of income. They are seeking government help to stay afloat until the next harvest, but bureaucrats are moving slowly to record crop losses.
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