• Monday, 27 May 2019

Here's what heaven looks like

Melbourne, Feb. 11 : A US doctor has recently claimed that she was sent to earth from heaven and met her angels after "drowning" in Chile in 1999.

Dr Mary Neal, an orthopedic spine surgeon with a background in science, during the incident, was submerged for a full 12 minutes and she was without oxygen, News.com.au reported.

Neal said that spirits had physical form, heads, arms, legs and were wearing sort of robes and they were overjoyed at her arrival and welcomed her happily.

The senses were different, the beauty was incredibly intense and there's "no earthly equivalent," she further added.

Dr Neal was kayaking in southern Chile with a group of friends when she became trapped at the bottom of a waterfall. Her friends tried frantically to save her before she returned to the surface after 12 minutes. It was a miracle that she suffered no brain damage.

Dr Neal also mentioned that the beings told her that her eldest son would die after 10 years and he did. A driver, distracted by his mobile phone, struck him with his vehicle.

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Here's what heaven looks like

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