Wednesday, 15 Jul 2020

Shruti Haasan's Melting touch

Although we regularly hear about our heroes doing dare-devil stunts, it's not often that a debutant heroine gets adventurous! But Shruti Haasan likes to tread the path less taken!

Soham Shah’s ‘LUCK’ is a fast paced action adventure which involves a lot of risky and spectacular stunts on the lines of never seen before in Bollywood! And Shruti who plays the romantic lead opposite Imran Khan did more than her share of stunts!!!

While shooting for one of the crucial scenes, Shruti was required to stand in front of a running train with her hands tied to the sides. In the scorching heat, having her back to the train, the metal burned into her skin giving her blisters and boils… And to top it off, the heat was so extreme, that the heel of her boots started melting!!!!

But this sassy lass shrugs it off modestly! “It wasn’t the most comfortable situation but it’s the most fun ive had in the longest time!!!” grins the debutant!

And to add to her woes the stunt also did change something else. Rues Shruti, “I also got a tan that’s turned me 4 shades darker, and I still havnt gotten rid of it!!!!” It looks like the bronzed look will have to stay with her for some time!

Well girl, we sure like your style and attitude!!!

(SAMPURN | 11 years ago)