Fresh revolt brews in team India against Leander Paes

9 years ago | 27-02-2008 | SAMPURN

NEW DELHI, February 26: When Karan Rastogi backed out of the extraordinary revolt against India Davis Cup captain Leander Paes, things seemed to be falling apart for the rebels. But in the end of the day, with top players Prakash Amritraj and Rohan Bopanna still firm on their stand of not playing under the captainship of Paes, there seemed to be no signs of ending the deadlock.

Both Amritraj, son of legendary Vijay Amritraj, and Bopanna were unapologetic and said that the crises have been going on for a couple of years and it was imperative to have a good relationship among the team members while playing for the country. Speaking from the US, Prakash said that he stood by his stand and emphasized that whatever was happening was not a healthy sign for Indian tennis.

Earlier in the day, Karan Rastogi had pull himself out of the revolt against Paes saying that things has been sorted out between him and his slipper and that he had no problems whatsoever in playing under the multiple grand slam and an Olympic medal winner. Prakash was, however, not going to relent. Vijay Amritrajs son is mainly disappointed with Paes for not fielding him for the singles on the opening day of the Davis Cup tie against Uzbekistan, despite his claim that he was totally fit.

Prakash alleged that Paes had got some wrong facts, but he was fit enough and had even practiced. Despite this Paes thought he was not fit and even cited reasons for this. Prakash says that he is totally ignorant as to why Leander acted in such a manner. "Leander is inclined to put down the team which is not good for the players", Prakash remarked.

On the other hand, Bopanna alleged that the trouble with Paes was that he seldom communicated with the team. "Paes hardly has any interaction with the players. There is hardly any communication. It is not good for the team," Bopanna said. In the same breath, Bopanna said that he had the greatest admiration for Paes as a player, but he felt that Paes should not be the captain of the Davis Cup team.

Bopanna emphasized that he was willing to play under any captain, apart from Paes, as playing for the country is a matter of pride and that comes before any personal ambition.