Kannada Movie Review: Challenge (2012)

5 years ago | 10-09-2012 | NKFS

The movie has an intriguing story line. It starts in a factory where we see peoplegasping for breath. They include Nishan, Harish Raj, Dilip Raj, Sanjana Singh, AchyuthKumar, Kalabhavan Mani and Riyaz Khan.

All ofthem suffer short term memory loss after inhaling toxic gas in the factory.They forget their identities. The mystery intensifies when we come to knowabout a drug racket that has made the factory their workplace.

Kishore (DilipRaj) and Bhasha (Harish Raj) run this crime syndicate. They mix drug with foodand then send them to children play homes. Riyaz Khan plays the role of a cop.How they regain their memory and come out of the factory forms the crux of thestory. The movie ends with a dramatic climax.

'Challenge' released on 23rd August 2012.

DirectorGanesh Kamaraj had good plot but somehow failed to implement it to theperfection. The acting is good, particularly of Harish Raj and Riyaz Khan.