Malayalam Movie Review: Thappana (2012)

5 years ago | 08-09-2012 | NKFS

Thappana released on 19th August, 2012. The movie has being directed by Johny Antony. It is based on a novel by Bengali writer Ashapurna Devi.

The story revolves around Samson (Mammootty) and Mallika (Charmy Kaur). Samson and Mallika have just been released from prison. Samson is a small time thief who treats prison as his "second home".

For Mallika it's different. She went to prison for murdering someone to save her husband from being killed. Samson falls in love with Mallika at first sight. He decides to accompany her on the journey back home.

During the entire journey, Mallika is absolutely quiet and refuses to speak to him. She seems depressed and lonely. She is however shocked at the infidelity of her husband.

She found out that he was having an affair with his neighbor's wife. And it was her neighbor's husband who had tried to kill her husband in a state of anger.

India Glitz said about the movie, "It is not a unique work, but offers an ordinary watch that may please you for this festival season." The music by Vidyasagar just passes off.