Telugu Movie Review: Andala Rakshasi (2012)

5 years ago | 08-09-2012 | NKFS

The genre of the movie is sweet romance but it ends up in a tragedy.

Gowtham (played by Rahul Ravindran) is a guy who falls in love with Midhuna (played by Lavanya). Midhuna still can't forget her first love Surya (Played by Naveen Chandra).

Just when Midhuna realizes that she has started to like Gowtham's charming ways, Surya comes back in the fray, as he is still alive .

If director Hanu Raghavapudi thought that he was making a 'Pearl Harbor', then he has definitely got it wrong. Andala Rakshasi creates expectations only to crumple them in the end because it stays to be only an imitation - in locales, colors, costumes and even in ending.

The melodrama in the second half is too much than one can afford to tolerate . The actors have done a good job but it is the story that itself fails them.