Telugu Movie Review: Sudigadu (2012)

5 years ago | 08-09-2012 | NKFS

Allari Naresh's performance as Shiva is heart rendering. Sudigadu is the Telugu remake of Tamil movie Thamizh Padam.

As director C.S. Amudhan won million of hearts with his Tamil movie but director Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao could not repeat the feast in Telugu remake.

He takes a dig at all the super-hero deeds of the larger than life actors of Telugu cinema. The movie was released on 24th August and has collected more than 32 crores at the box office.

The story is about a magical baby, born with six packs. But the baby has a vicious enemy as soon as he is born. He is Thikkal Reddy (played by Jaya Prakash Reddy). His parents Kamesh (played by Allari Naresh) and mother Hema are very wary about this and send him to his grandmother (played by Kovai Sarala) for security.

The baby grows up to be Shiva (played again by Allari Naresh). Shiva can do anything. He can stop bullets and challenge time.

Shiva falls in love with Priya (played by Monal Gajjar). The rest of the story involves his fight with Thikkal Reddy and mysterious Don D.

The music by Sri Vasanth is good.