Telugu Movie Review: Srimannarayana (2012)

5 years ago | 08-09-2012 | NKFS

Director Ravi Kumar Chavali has made Srimannarayana to be a mass entertainer. Srimannarayana released on august 30th 2012 and collected 8.5 crores on the first day, from box office.

It stars 53 year old actor, Nandamuri Balakhrisnaan. He is seen romancing two young ladies, Parvati Melton and Isha Chawla.

The story revolves around journalist Srimannarayana, who works for a TV channel. His father Narayanamurthy (played by Vijay Kumar) had set up a trust for the welfare of the farmer's.

He arranges money of 5000 crores for that. But gangsters Bylu Reddy, Harshad and Pulikeshava get a sniff of that. They murder Narayanamurthy and transfer the money in their accounts.They put Srimannarayana into jail. But he takes the help of Swapniuka (played by Parvati

Melton), who is from the rival media channel camp. His fiance though is Isha Chawla. This starts a love triangle.The two ladies look stunning. The songs are well picturised. Music composer Chakri has delivered a loud and foot-tapping music for the movie.