Tuesday, 02 Jun 2020

Hellas Installs First Ecotherm Field In Plainview, Texas

PLAINVIEW, Texas: Football in Plainview ISD in West Texas just got cooler and less heated for the "Angry Bulldogs", thanks to Hellas' newly installed Ecotherm infill with Hellas Construction's Matrix Turf with Helix Technology and Cushdrain pad. The Plainview Bulldogs have the first ever Ecotherm field in the United States.

"The kids were salivating wanting to get out on the new field for spring practice," said Plainview Athletic Director Ryan Rhoades. "They love the design and especially how it feels under their feet. The field is not as hot as our old field. It was 100° the other day, and the only complaints I heard were from the waist up. Their feet stayed cool and comfortable."

Ecotherm infill is the newest innovation and exclusive to Hellas Construction, patent pending. It's 100% recyclable and made from recycled vinyl TPU and cellulose fibers. The uniquely shaped granules pull moisture from the air to reduce field surface temperatures by as much as 20°, versus the surface temperature of a synthetic turf field with black crumb rubber.

Rhoades said, "The field is remarkable! The kids and the coaches all feel so much better after practice. Both coaches and players say their feet aren't hurting or burning, their backs aren't hurting, and they aren't sore."

For added safety, Plainview also selected the Cushdrain pad, a monolithic, paved-into-place, elastic layer, providing extra cushion, preventing concussions and keeping the GMAX of the field low.

This is the second time Hellas has been entrusted to install synthetic turf at Bulldog Stadium, but their first time to have Hellas' Matrix Helix turf. The Matrix Helix turf is also used by the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, and Miami Dolphins. The turf fibers bounce back quickly after use, preventing a "splash out" of the infill material.

"The field isn't hard, and they don't slip and fall. The players feel like this field makes them play better," Rhoades said. "We can't wait to play our opponents on this field. We feel like we have a home-field advantage."

(PRN | 2 years ago)