Wednesday, 03 Jun 2020

Will take the case of Mohajir Nation to ICJ: MQM leader

London, [United Kingdom] May 18 : Pakistan's Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) founder Altaf Hussain has urged Mohajirs in Pakistan and across the world to get united for their collective rights and vowed again that the MQM would now start taking the case of the Mohajir Nation to all international forums and International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Hussain underscored that the designs of the military junta are to crush Mohajirs.

He made this statement while addressing Mohajirs and MQM affiliates at a gathering at the MQM New York chapter.

He said immediately after Pakistan was founded, Mohajirs were isolated socially and economically and were subjected to discriminatory policies, according to the statement.

The biggest of all challenges they faced was their identity for which he struggled and gave Mohajir identity to Mohajirs, which the state of Pakistan, its agencies and military establishment has not digested till date.

Instead, they united under one banner and launched multiple deadliest crackdowns against Mohajirs. Nonetheless, he made it a success story that the Mohajir identity was approved not only in Pakistan but internationally as well.

He said, "Hate against Mohajirs is at its apex as the military establishment is carrying out genocide of Mohajirs."

"The worst of all situations is that the courts in Pakistan are reluctant in dispensing justice to aggrieved and affected Mohajir nation. "We have decided to move International Court of Justice for justice for which support from each single Mohajir is the need of the hour."

Hussain said he would approach all international rights organisations to inform them about the afflictions of Mohajirs in Pakistan and State's and military's anti-Mohajirs policies and designs.

In addition, Mohajirs no matter where they are, in Pakistan or anywhere in the world, should raise voices in protest and sage protest to make the international community aware of the affliction of Mohajirs in Pakistan. Mohajirs are subject to worst state-sponsored atrocities, injustices, unlawful arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances and extrajudicial and custodial murders of Mohajirs youth and MQM affiliates.

He, continued to state, military establishment is the mastermind of squeezing the strength of Mohajir population in cities of Sindh province and this is a direct design to deprive Mohajirs of the resources and opportunities that have already been squeezed to size of a peanut. We as Mohajirs are being deprived of all our rights.

Hussain said that the obtainment of rights is subjected to continuous, hectic struggle and sheer lip service can do nothing good to change the situation. We have to think of our children, our future generation.

"Who says Pakistan is a democratic country? No. Not at all. Pakistan is a country that has been marred with enforced Stratocracy and this menace is only because of the military junta, which is ruining everything and lavishly consuming country's resources. It is the military junta that is keeping everything to it. "The undercover stratocratic government of the military junta is the biggest of all evils in Pakistan, " the statement quoted Hussain, as saying.

This "corrupt and maniac" military is not only crushing Mohajirs but they are also piecing the chests of other oppressed nations such as Pashtoon, Balouchs, Gilgitis, Hazarwals and Seraikis. At the other, this cowardly army failed to stand with courage in front of the enemy troops and surrendered.

He said that it is a rule of thumb that any country that would humiliate, kill its own people would only live for a very short time and same is the fate of Pakistan under this corrupt, maniac and demonic military junta.

He clarified that he equally cares for all oppressed nations and never waits for the others to come for the same for Mohajirs. This is a principled stance of his life to also speak for all irrespective of their cast, colour or creed.

(ANI | 2 years ago)