Wednesday, 03 Jun 2020

This Vision Health Month, Bausch + Lomb gives Canadians the gift of sight

TORONTO: This May for Vision Health Month, Bausch + Lomb Canada is launching the Why Eye Care campaign to raise awareness for eye health and inspire Canadians to get involved. Today in Canada, over 4.25 million Canadians are living with a serious eye disease.

Beyond eye diseases, approximately 500,000 Canadians experience significant vision loss that impacts their day-to-day quality of life.[1] Every year, it is estimated that over 50,000 Canadians will lose their sight,[2] yet 75% of vision loss is preventable or treatable.[3] As part of the Why Eye Care campaign, Bausch + Lomb Canada will execute two initiatives during May Vision Health Month.

Ophthalmologists across the country are teaming up with Bausch + Lomb to launch the 'Helping Eyes, Changing Lives' initiative in which select Canadians living with vision impairment and in need of cataract surgery will experience the latest technology designed to provide vision without glasses.

Up to 20 patients across Canada will benefit from a Bausch + Lomb Canada donation of FineVision Intraocular lenses (IOLs). FineVision features an innovative patented trifocal structure design - the first of its kind in Canada - to provide optimal vision at all distances (near, intermediate and far). Patients for the campaign were selected by ophthalmologists after being clinically examined and identified as suitable candidates. For additional campaign information, please visit:

To help spread awareness about the importance of eye health, Bausch + Lomb Canada will also execute Facebook, Instagram and Twitter social media activations using the hashtag #WhyEyeCare. Canadians are encouraged to join the conversation by sharing why eye care matters to them and to motivate their families and friends to focus on their eye health and be proactive about it during the month of May.

"Vision Health Month is a timely opportunity to remind Canadians about the importance of eye health. Just like annual check-ups and dental visits, eye care professionals play a vital role to enhance quality of life and should be seen on a yearly basis to assess and evaluate eye health," said Lorenzo Santini, Vice President, Bausch + Lomb Canada. "The Helping Eyes, Changing Lives and #WhyEyeCare initiatives mean a lot to the Bausch + Lomb team. They galvanize our sense of purpose and provide the opportunity to educate while also having a real impact in Canadians' lives."

(PRN | 2 years ago)