Jai Bolo Telangana Gets 'A' Certificate From Censor Board After Lots Of Disruption

6 years ago | 28-01-2011 | SAMPURN

January 28, 2011 : Director N.Shankar's upcoming film Telugu film Jai Bolo Telangana has been finally granted an 'A' certificate by the Censor Board. There have been lots of disruptions in the screening of other Telugu movies because of the delay of the censoring of this film.

The movie deals with the controversial Telangana agitation and reportedly contains sarcastic comments against several Seema-Andhra leaders and Congress president, Mrs Sonia Gandhi. On Wednesday, various Joint Action Committees' activists disrupted the screening of over 30 theatres in about 10 places in the region.

Some theatres had to close their morning shows and the disruption continued for matinee shows in few of them. Theatres in Jadcharla were closed for the entire day. Disruption happened in Warangal city because of the protest by the Kakatiya University Joint Action Committee (KUJAC).

Mr Waliullah Qadri, chairman, a member of Telangana Students' Joint Action Committee in Warangal said that the Censor Board can offer clearance to the pornographic and violent movies so it sounds ironic if they object on JBT.

After all those pressures, the Censor Board finally bowed down and allowed 'A' certificate to the film, which stars Smriti Irani and Jagapathi Babu. The director has thanked all who fought for the release of the movie. He informed that the movie will now release on February 4 across the state.

However, Shankar will have to cut some scenes as instructed by the Censor Board. He said that those scenes will not spoil the main theme of the movie so he agreed to their suggestion.