Sada: The Hunt For The Dream Man Is On

6 years ago | 28-12-2010 | SAMPURN

December 27, 2010 : It seems to be marriage on the mind of South Indian actress Sada .Sada is a talented actress who received critical acclaim and praises for her performance in Shivaraj Kumar's Kannada movie Mylari.

Inspite of having a successful career she is all set out to find the man of her dreams. Sada is tired of being single and she is hopeful that she might soon find her Prince Charming. Sada has a very clear picture of the dream man in her mind as she wants him to be like the heartthrob of Bollywood Hrithik Roshan.

In an interview Sada added that she is quite optimistic that she will soon find her man. Sada also has certain specifications for her dream man .Sada added that he has to be loyal to the core as she is possessive by nature. Apart from that he should be tolerant and also be sweet natured person who will accept her for the way she is. Sada also wants her man to be respectful towards her family and at the same time wants him to be a family person.

Sada also wishes to have certain qualities in her dream man .Sada would like the personality traits of Hrithik Roshan and the charismatic qualities and the charm of Shahrukh Khan. The ideal man should also be loving and caring with drop dead looks of Tom Cruise in Top Gun.

The upcoming year will be special for Sada as she has a couple of films lined up for release. Currently Sada is shooting for her upcoming Kannada film Mallikarjun with Ravichandran. Sada has two Hindi films that will release in the coming year.

We just hope that she finds her dream man soon.