Playing Eunuch Is Challenging - Dhruv

7 years ago | 04-08-2010 | SAMPURN

August 4, 2010 : It is a known fact that certain actors always look out for roles that are challenging and carry off the bell to showcase their talent and carve a niche.

This is the case with Dhruv Bhandari, the freshest face on Indian TV. He happens to be son of the well-liked actor Mohan Bhandari. Now, Dhruv is trying out a daring act as he is going to play a eunuch that too in his debut show.

He is about to portray the character of Yuvraj, the protagonist of the show 'Rakt Sambandh' on NDTV Imagine. Yuvraj is introduced to the viewers as a loving son, an eligible bachelor and an astute businessman. However, there are more sides of the character.The sex of his character that is a eunuch has been revealed in a recent episode.

Dhruv Bhandari does admit that the role is quite a challenging one. The character has genetic problems. Playing such a role keeps him abuzz with gusto. He is all game for the role and is awaiting response from the audience.