Theresa May to trigger Brexit on Mar 29

6 days ago | 20-03-2017 | IBNS

London, Mar 20 : Prime Minister of United Kingdom (UK) is going to trigger the process of leaving European Union on Mar 29, according to BBC News.

UKs permanent representative to the European Union (EU) informed EU on Monday that they can expect the letter of Brexit on that date.

Earlier, Downing Street (street where official residence of PM present) sources said with conviction that May would trigger Article 50 (mechanism to formally leave EU) by the end of March.

The Brexit secretary, David Davis called the entire process as the most important negotiation for this country in a generation.

There will be a letter, will notify President Tusk (President of EU),and the Prime Minister has already confirmed she will give a statement to parliament as well, PMs spokesperson said.

Donald Tusk, President of EU tweeted and said: Within 48 hours of the UK triggering Article 50, I will present the draft #Brexit guidelines to the EU27 member States.

The Brexit was earlier favoured by 51.9% of people of UK in June 2016.

(Writing by Souvik Ghosh, Image: Official Twitter handle of Theresa May)