Swedes carry the most powerful passport: Reports

16 days ago | 12-03-2017 | IBNS

Kolkata, Mar 12 (Not in Town/IBNS): Imagine travelling to various countries without having to wait for a visa. While most nations would love to do so, Sweden takes the top spot for facilitating its citizens with the most hassle-free travel.

According to a newly launched report by consulting company Nomad Capitalist, people from the Scandinavian nation is allowed to travel visa-free to a whooping 176 countries out of the existing 199.

The parametres considered for the survey were visa-free travel, global reputation, international taxes and civil liberties.

Sweden also sits pretty when it comes to global reputation and merited a lot from the aforementioned field.

It is ranked highly as it provides its citizens with free healthcare, free university education and paid holidays.

Sweden also tops the chart of life expectancy in Europe.

So next time you travel to Europe, dont forget to pay a visit to the Swedes.