Malayalam filmmaker blasts CBFC for denying certification to gay-themed movie

21 days ago | 05-03-2017 | IBNS

Kerala, Mar 4 : US-based Malayam filmmaker Jayan Cherian has hit out at CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) Chairman Pahalaj Nihalani on social media after CBFC refused to give certification to his film Ka Bodyscape citing the reason of promoting "homosexuality" and depicting Hindu god in poor light.

Jayan uploaded a snap of the letter received from CBFC on Facebook that contains the denial for certification.

It is official, Mr. Pahalaj Nihalani put the final nail in my coffin! he added to his post.

The letter reveals that CBFC has refused to certificate the film citing the reasons like homosexual relationship, nudity accentuating vital parts of male body (in paintings), and abusive language.

CBFC even objected the portrayal of Lord Hanuman in poor light as gay which they think would disrupt the law and order situation in the country.

The film revolves around three young people, Haris who is a gay painter, Vishnu- a kabaddi player and Sia-an activist who do not want to conform to the feminine principles and want to live a free spirited life.

Before this film, CBFC refused to give certification to a Hindi film Lipstick Under My Burkha produced by Prakash Jha terming the film to be lady oriented film.

However FTII Chairman Gajendra Chauhan has supported the refusal of certification by CBFC and told media: I would like to appreciate Censor Board and revising committee that they stopped the film from showing. I got to know that Lord Hanuman has been shown in a derogatory manner. I object.

(Writing by Souvik Ghosh)