Priyanka calls Modi an outsider in UP, Sholay's Gabbar, says brother Rahul Gandhi

1 month ago | 17-02-2017 | IBNS

Rae Bareli, Feb 17 : : Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Friday teamed up with brother Rahul to hit the campaign trail in Rae Bareli, calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi and "outsider" in Uttar Pradesh.

Addressing a rally, for the first time in the ongoing Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, hit out at Modi, who had said he is an adapted son of UP.

UP doesnt need a leader from outside. All youth of the state can lead UP, build a new UP, she said.

Commenting on PM Modis promises to women of the state, Priyanka said, I am a womanWho has committed the most number of atrocities against women, poor. Wasnt making you stand in queues atrocities against women.

Priyanka attended the rally two-day days after BJP leader and Union Minister Smriti Irani claimed the Congress leader was not campaigning as she had no answers to peoples question in Uttar Pradesh.

Earlier, during his speech, Rahul slammed Narendra Modi for making commitments and not fulfilling them, saying the Prime Minister, who promises Achche Din, has turned out to be a Gabbar Singh, the villainous character of Bollywood blockbuster Sholay.

We expected from him something like Shah Rukh Khan in his film, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. .But 2.5 years later, we see Gabbar Singh from Sholay, Gandhi said.

Rahul listed out a string of promises Modi has made at various places, alleging nothing has been fulfilled.

The Congress leader said recently, during a meeting with the Prime Minister, he had talked about waiving the loans of UP farmers, but Modi didnt say anything.

While campaigning in Uttar Pradesh, he said, As soon as you elect the BJP, we will waive off your loans.

What kind of deal are you trying to strike here?

Same thing happened to Bihar. He promised a special package of lakhs of crorers to them if they elected the BJP.
Did Bihar get the package? No.

While campaigning, he promised to change Varanasi. He called it his mother.

Wherever he goes, he says these things

Modiji, relationships are not fulfilled with talks but actions....I have a list of things that he promised Varanasi - clean Ganga, Ghats, Ring Road, free WiFi, Bhojpuri Film City, Gandhi said.

Modiji, you have not even fulfilled the promises you made to your mother.

This is Modijis approach to things. He said: India is dirty. You clean up. I have to go to America and meet Obama. Ill check when Im back.
On November 8, he stood before you and said, I have a new idea.

He told you that the savings that mothers and sisters have saved up, I want to convert it to paper. You should go stand in queues in front of banks.

After notes ban, Modiji waived 1,200 crore of Vijay Mallyas loans.

You tell me: If this money was given to the youth, the women, the farmers - wouldnt it have helped Uttar Pradesh? But instead, he helped rich industrialists.
The reality is that the only ones benefitting from PM Modis schemes are Indias richest families.

Forget Make in India, he has snatched away Made in Raebareli from you. That is because he wanted to take revenge...He has stalled the Railway factory, not letting it go ahead.

In just Rs 20,000, you can change lives of families here. But no, you wont give them money.

You will money to chors like Vijay Mallya, Gandhis said.

Mallya sells liquor in India. You will give him thousands of crores. The farmer who gives you his sweat and blood - you dont even give them Rs 50. What kind of a government is this? he asked.