Highly polluted Bengaluru lake catches fire

1 month ago | 17-02-2017 | IBNS

Bengaluru, Feb 17 : Flames continued to leap from the highly polluted waters of Bellandur lake in Bengaluru since Thursday after toxic froth caught fire, media reports said.

Large clouds of smoke almost engulfed the area causing danger for those driving on the roads nearby.

The lake became a victim of toxic smoke, courtesy the chemicals and debris dumped near the lake.

Although such a sight is common for locals, Thursdays incident raised an alarm and the size of the fire has left perplexed even the experts.

They could not even attempt to find the source of the smoke as they had no way to access the spot. How can we put out a fire in water? said one fireman, the Hindu newspaper reported.

Locals alleged that debris dumped into the lake and the lakess bank along with garbage was set ablaze illegally by miscreants that led to the massive fire.

Citizens took to social media to put out videos and pictures of the lake on fire in a bid to convey their frustration with the governments inaction.

Image: Wikimedia Commons