OTBL launches environment conservation program for Gujarat schools

2 months ago | 14-01-2017 | IBNS

New Delhi, Jan 14 : ONGC TERI Biotech Limited (OTBL) has recently launched a new educational programme called 'Protectors of the Environment' to sensitize and motivate young school children and adults in environment conservation under its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

This programme will employ several tools such as visual instruction and hands-on application and learning, which are designed to inspire children to translate thought into action.

The programme will be conducted in 15 underprivileged government and private schools of Ahmedabad, Ankleshwar and Mehsana in Gujarat an operational area for OTBL, involving more than 2000 students from class VI to IX.

Students will learn the concepts of renewable energy, water and waste management as part of the principles of Sustainable Development through books specially developed for this programme by TERI.

The students will also be engaged to undertake a plantation drive and monitor the growth of the trees.

A K Dwivedi, Director (Exploration), ONGC and Chairman, OTBL, while launching the Programme, said, There is no denying the fact that the environment is constantly changing. We have started to experience the adverse impacts of environmental degradation and painfully beginning to learn that environmental resources are limited and need to be sensitive to everything that we do today. To make sure that the future generations do not experience the worse, we need to prepare them with the ideals and requirements of sustainability. Hence, this initiative by OTBL under its CSR programmes.

Banwari Lal, Director and CEO, OTBL stated, We are all dependent on Earth for our basic needs, and have been using the resources (mostly non-renewable) for years and years now. It is very evident with growing population and extensive use of natural resources that our future generations may be deprived of and may face scarcity to meet their needs. Through OTBLs initiatives by educating young children on the importance of environment conservation, it is hoped the next generation would be more environmentally conscious and sensitive in protecting this vital resource in years to come.