Bargarh in Odisha hosts one of the world's largest open air theatre festival

3 months ago | 02-01-2017 | IBNS

Bargarh, Odisha, Jan 2 : Bargarh, about 50km from Sambalpur town in western Odisha, is celebrating its annual Dhanu Jatra festival from Monday, according to media reports.

The 11-day traditional festival, said to be one of the worlds largest open-air theatre festival, is based on Krishna Leela and Mathura Vijay. The story begins with the legendary king of Mathura, Kansa, also uncle to Lord Krishna, ascending the throne, and ends with Krishna killing Kansa.

During the festival, Bargarh represents Mathura, Ambapali, situated across river Jeera, becomes Gopapur while river Jeera symbolises river Yamuna.

According to local reports, the festival is a symbolic representation of good winning over evil, and is a post-independent phenomenon to mark the end of the British rule.

For the first seven days, Kansa will hold court at a place called Hatpada. Eighth day onwards, the royal court of Kansa will move to the more spacious Nishamani School ground, according to media reports.

The theatre ends on Pausi Purnima (Jan 12, 2017).

Image: AIRNews Twitter