TV star "Pakhi" says she only represents a normal valued girl in 'Bojhe Na Se Bojhe Na'

8 months ago | 25-07-2016 | IBNS

Kolkata, July 25 : 'Bojhe Na Se Bojhe Na' famed 'Pakhi', a.k.a Madhumita Sarkar, regrets she can't relish 'Phuchka' at Vivekananda Park in Kolkata any more ever since her telly soap character as 'Gharer Meye' (daughter of household) became a runaway hit.

In serials we portray and represent characters we come across in real life. When I see my character Pakhi on tvTV screen I also become million other girls who feel connected with Pakhi. I cease to become a TV star then, the JU student tells IBNS after getting 21 lakh audience votes in Sona Mukh contest by P C Chandra Jewellers group.

Madhumita, who thinks serial is different from cinema, says a defining moment in the life of a girl can be winning the love and admiration of thousands and be identified with gharer meye image.

Asked what made a modern Bengali woman who is also a celeb, she says the defining moments remain the same for any woman - be a celeb or not - and that remains not to lose perspective in life, being dutiful to parents as daughter, being loyal to her partner in life and also being independent in mind.

The serial on Star Jalsha has only changed me to that extent I fear being mobbed if I get down at a favourite place in South Kolkata to relish yummy phuchkas and churmur, she sighs.

Asked how much a jewelry person she is, the girl from modest background says: I love to don matir goyna (earthen jewellery) and simple neck/ear pieces. Not Loud ones.

Like any girl I love picking up such simple looking accessories whenever I visit a place, she says.