Young author Alexshendra Venus Bakshi urges readers to write in Hindi

10 months ago | 10-06-2016 | IBNS

New Delhi, June 10 : In a time when most budding authors in India are busy making a name for themselves writing in English, Alexshendra Venus Bakshi is charting a less travelled path. The young author is not only only penning down pieces in Hindi, but is also urging her readers to do so.

Bakshis recent novel Aarambh ki Gyarah Kahaniya, The eleven stories of the beginning, is now a part of the collection of books in the library of Niti Ayog ( formerly known as the Planning Commission ) Govt. of India .

A lawyer by profession, she graduated from Gargi College. She takes up both Civil and Criminal cases and also specializes in law which delves and deals with women empowerment.

Alexshendra has been penning her poetic thoughts and weaving them skillfully into her stories since childhood and has incidentally brought new life to Hindi short story writing. Much of her writing draws on her experiences gathered during her childhood and growing up years spent in different cities across India, which fortunately offered her a splendid opportunity to appreciate the unity and diversity of our rich and magnificent culture.

Alexshendras interests revolve around working for the empowerment of women, child welfare and care for environmental sustainability.Besides this she is passionate about exploring the history of various cultures and countries.

She had conceptualized an exhibition of paintings illustrating 11 stories from her book, a dream which she fulfilled by hosting an art exhibition Aarambh ke Gyarah Chitra based on her book Aarambh ke Gyarah Kahaniya. The stories were depicted on canvas by artist Ankur Ranaon different facets of human nature.

Her forth coming novel is in the completion stage and is a portrayal on inner and outer beauty. The author also has grand plans to have plays enacted on her stories.

The future goals of Alexshendra include writing her heart out in Hindi and to contribute tremendously to women empowerment and in making the world a safer place for children.

Alexshendra has been invited as a Panelist Speaker by several channels to participate and address matters on social issues.

She received the woman achiever of the year honour at ICUNR awards.