Virat Kohli launches India's first cafe inspired cook book 'Comfort Food'

10 months ago | 01-06-2016 | ANI

New Delhi, June.1 : Om Books International and Cafe Delhi Heights launched India's first cafe inspired cook book 'Comfort Food' by Micheal Swamy and Mughdha Savkar.

The book was unveiled by star Cricketer Virat Kohli with much enthusiasm, known for his chutzpah and firehouse passion; he vividly described his immense love for Delhi food and his favorite Jucy Lucy Burger.

The recipes in the book are inspired by a chain of extremely popular restaurants dotted across Delhi, the Cafe Delhi Heights.

Beautifully published by Om Books International, this book is a tribute by Vikrant and Sharad Batra to their mother Mrs. Usha Batra for all the sacrifice and hard work they've grown up watching their mother put in, to give them a future.

Comfort Food is slated to be the first ever cafe inspired book in India being brought out by a restaurant chain, based on the food trends, their own offerings and with an added mix of all foods that spell 'comfort'!

Ajay Mago-Publisher, Om Books International, said, "There is a back-story to Comfort Food. As a publisher, I have collected several cookbooks over the years, and have always wanted to get to the bottom of the house specials of well-known food chains in the country. So when I first discussed the idea with Sharad and Vikrant Batra of Cafe Delhi Heights, they were game. Sharing house secrets is an act of generosity and Comfort Food is full of such acts."

Vikrant Batra and Sharad Batra- Owners, Cafe Delhi Heights, said, "We have taken the initiative to launch "Comfort Food" so that we take Cafe Delhi Heights' kitchen to each and every house hold. It is a tribute to mom for all her hard work and guidance which has made Cafe Delhi Heights what it is today. We sincerely wish that mom's vision of people practicing her recipes in every house hold is achieved through our cook book "Comfort Food" which lists 80 easy-to make recipes."

Micheal Swamy and Mugdha Savkar, the authors of the cook book, said, "Through time and ages we see food differently. It is the familiarity that keeps drawing us back to the dishes we love, dishes that take us on a familiar journey of nostalgia. Cafe food is one such instance of comfort and sublimity where we can sit for ages, chat with friends and bond over great food. The coming of age cafes across the metros and small cities provide comfort food and something more."

"Culinary trends get updated and outdated every few months... the only trend that never goes out of date is COMFORT. Comfort in food is sought after by every single people regardless of age, diet fads, nationality and class. This book celebrates that very comfort."

Comfort Food explores the spicy flavours of Moroccan food to indulging in Italian culinary treats that go beyond the usual pizzas and pastas.

The book contains 80 easy-to-make recipes that are an eclectic mix of traditional and modern cuisine, which guarantee to soothe the evolving Indian palate today.

Indians have become more experimental in their choice of appetizers, main-course meals and desserts. This cookbook promises to encourage all food enthusiasts and aspiring chefs to try out the easy-to-make recipes at home for friends and loved ones.

Cafe Delhi Heights has eight outlets which represent the Delhi spirit - a confluence of cultures, traditions, dialects and tastes. Each of these outlets entertains you with their decor, knick-knacks and even board games and books to keep you busy while you wait.

A multi-cuisine restaurant chain offering Italian, American, European, Indian cuisines among a host of others, it is the true spirit of the book, Comfort Food.