Icecreams on cheat days for 'diet freak' Prabhas

10 months ago | 15-05-2016 | ANI

New Delhi, May 15 : 'Baahubali' actor Prabhas, known for his strict diet and great physique, gorges over ice creams on the cheat days.

The 36-year-old actor, who is very particular about his diet, never strays away from it on normal days.

"Most of the times I am on a strict diet for my characters but once in a while I love indulging in a bucket full of ice cream," he shared.

Prabhas even mentioned that his favorite ice cream is fruit exotica.

With this, the actor added that post cheat days, he makes it a point to work harder than usual and cover up for the calorie gain.

On the professional front, Prabhas is currently busy shooting for the much-anticipated second installment of 'Baahubali.'

The first installment was the highest grossing film of 2015 and even bagged National Award in the 'Best Feature Film' and 'Best Special Effects' categories.