Even in challenging times, India being looked upon as 'brighter spot': Jaitley

2 years ago | 12-07-2015 | ANI

Mumbai, July 12 : Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Sunday said India may have opportunity to cheer on the economic front because even in challenging times for the world economies, the country is being looked upon as a brighter spot.

"When we compare ourselves on surface with various international parameters and how world economies are doing we may have some opportunity to cheer, because even in challenging times, India is being looked upon as a brighter spot," Jaitley said at a national seminar on 'Mitigating Agrarian Distress and Enhancing Farm Incomes' hosted by NABARD.

"The world is passing through troubled times today. Two days ago we got the estimates of International Monetary Fund, which has for this year again lowered global growth rates. They now estimate a 3.2 to 3.3 percent global growth rate," he added.

The Finance Minister further said that India is well tracked on a road map, where the country's fiscal deficits, current account deficits, are all broadly coming under control.