Why kids tend to be impulsive

Washington, July 23 : A new study has linked impulsiveness in kids to brain connectivity.

People spend more while experiencing 'nostalgia'

Washington, July 23 : A new study has revealed that people tend to shell out more money when they think about their past.

Care to wear some vagina undies?

London, July 23 : An underwear with vagina printed across it, has been recently created by an art student, Eleanor Beth Haswell.

People regret spending with bottom dollar in pocket

New York, July 23 : Do you regret buying that pair of shoes or your favourite T-shirt at the fag end of the month? That nagging feeling about your money being wasted is a global phenomenon.

How to make your kids eat veggies

New York, July 23 : Do you find it hard to make your kids eat vegetables? Then do not tell them vegetables are good for them as children are less likely to eat healthy foods when they hear about their benefits, says a study.

Age increases belief in love at first sight

London, July 23 : Love at first sight is not the sole property of the young. As you age, you are more likely to believe in love at first sight, an interesting study reveals.

Do you eat everything on your plate?

New York, July 23 : If you eat pretty much everything you put on your plate, you are a proud member of the "Clean Plate Club".

Trying harder doesn't help adults learn languages: Study

Washington, July 22 : A new study has revealed that the harder adults try to learn an artificial language, the worse they are at deciphering the language's morphology, the structure and deployment of linguistic units such as root words, suffixes, and prefixes.

Myopia increases with higher education: Study

Washington, July 22 : A new study has revealed that that attaining a higher level of education and spending more years in school are two factors associated with a greater prevalence and severity of nearsightedness, or myopia.

Are Disney movies behind failed relationships?

London, July 22 : Love watching Disney romantic movies? You may be suffering from "Disney complexes" that may eventually mar your romantic life.

Young children know all about cuteness

London, July 22 : Know why your young one goes overboard the moment he/she sees that lovely kitten or a beautiful puppy? Because "cuteness" gets ingrained into his/her mind as early as age three.

Bird droppings can be mosquito busters!

By K.S. Jayaraman, Bangalore, July 22 : Don't get upset if birds mess up your courtyard or your home garden with their dropppings. These winged creatures may actually be helping to protect you and your family from dengue and other mosquito-borne diseases.

Is Facebook addiction pushing up divorce cases?

London, July 22 : If you think excessive Facebook use by your spouse is behind your divorce, then you may be right, says a study.

Overreacting harms winning chances

New York, July 22 : How you react to a loss or a win speaks a lot about your chances of winning the next time, says a study.

How Zinc affects human body revealed

Washington, July 21 : Researchers have revealed that zinc is one of the most essential trace metals found in human nutrition and lifestyle and it affects the human body in many ways.

Want to feel 10 years younger? Bring home a dog

London, July 21 : Dog owners over the age of 65 act and feel 10 years younger than their biological age, says a study.

Apps that monitor your financial health

New York, July 21 : You have read about fitness apps offering better health monitoring and overall happiness. But have you ever tried downloading apps that keep your financial health in good shape?

Try celebs' beauty trends to look glamorous

Los Angeles, July 21 : It is time to take inspiration from Hollywood stars like Jessica Alba's summery smoky eyes or Judy Greer's braided hairstyle and try their beauty trends.

Asian exports: Will 'decoupling' theory work this time around? (Column: Currency Corner)

By Vatsal Srivastava : During the financial crisis of 2008, there was a prevailing view among asset managers that a sell-off in developed market (DM) equities would not lead to a downturn in emerging market (EM) equities, especially in Asia.

Weight control measures can help women beat depression

Washington, July 19 : A new study has revealed that weight management programs also help in reducing depression among black women.

Energy drinks mixed with alcohol increase desire to drink

Washington, July 19 : New findings show that combining alcohol with energy drinks can increase one's desire to drink more alcohol.

Have smartphones ruined conversation skills?

Washington, July 20 : Too much time with your smartphone may lead to poor conversational skills, says a study.

Married and stressed? Have more sex

Manila, July 20 : Married but remain stressed owing to work or family-related issues? Have frequent sex to shun those unnecessary bouts of tension and lead a healthy life.

Listen to voice, choose mate

London, July 20 : If you are single and looking for a partner, here is an app that helps you pick mates by using their voice rather than photographs.

How new dads' brains react to fatherhood

New York, July 20 : Not just moms, a new dad's heart too pours for his or her toddler the moment he looks at him or her playing.

'Saturday, 19 July' best day ever to have 'sex'

London, July 19 : A survey has revealed that Saturday, July 19 is the day in the decade when Britons have most sex because of the perfect combination of the day, the date and the month.

Now, wear denims that smell like fruit

Washington, July 19 : A line of "fragrance jeans" has been created by a Spanish clothing company that smells like strawberry, lemon, apple, blueberry and orange, in corresponding colors.

Now, parents can yell at unruly kids with Toyota's 'driver easy speak'

Wellington, July 19 : The latest version of the Toyota's Sienna minivan has now a feature called 'driver easy speak' that can amplify a parent's voice in the back seats.

Prehistoric women had 'soft corner' for dogs

Washington, July 19 : A new study has revealed that women in a forested area around 8,000 years ago were more involved in caring for dogs.

Salary doesn't decide car usage

New York, July 19 : Not just income, but taxes that keep fuel costs high and good roads with ample parking space determine the amount of personal car use for people in developing nations including India, a new study shows.

Men bigger secret spenders than women: Survey

London, July 19 : It's a common assumption that most of the time women hide what they buy from their partners because of their habit of shopping almost everyday, but new research reveals it's actually men who are the biggest secret spenders.

Indulge in pet care during monsoon

New Delhi, July 19 : During the monsoon, pets can face fungal, yeast and bacterial infections that might prove fatal in some cases. Prevent this by taking care of their hygiene and by safeguarding them against the rain.

Look in the eyes to know if its love or lust

Washington, July 18 : A new study has revealed that eye movement of a person could tell the difference between their romantic love and sexual desire.

Gordimer: Chronicler of apartheid and South Africa's transition

By Saeed Naqvi : The world was in ideological transition when I met Nadine Gordimer in her bungalow in a Johannesburg suburb. Nelson Mandela had been released that very month after 27 years in the "White Man's prison". Earlier, the Soviet Union had collapsed.

Starvation effects pass on to next 3 generations

New York, July 18 : Starvation may affect the health of at least the next three generations, says a study.

Eyes can tell love from lust

Chicago, July 18 : Eyes reveal a lot. Be careful on your date next time as researchers have found that they can also spot the difference between love and lust.

Divorce can lead to high blood pressure

New York, July 18 : Just had a divorce and facing persistent sleep problems? Check your blood pressure as you may be at the risk of potentially harmful increase in blood pressure, says a study.

Why it's sometimes wrong to write balanced news reports (The Funny Side)

By Nury Vittachi : So I get a news report from a young reporter. "A car was in collision with a bath" the other day, it told me.

Meet the man who claims to be 'selfie inventor'

Washington, July 17 : A Hollywood cameraman has insisted that he was the one who invented selfies.

Indians least comfortable with beach nudity: Study

Washington, July 17 : A new study has revealed that residents of India and other Asian countries like Hong Kong and Malaysia are least comfortable with public nudity on beaches.

Couples with children likelier to cheat

New York, July 17 : A new study has revealed that married couples with kids cheat more than the childless.

Practice will make you better, if not perfect

New York, July 17 : Practice will not make you perfect but it will usually make you better at what you are practicing, a promising study shows.

How not to look fat in your clothes

London, July 17 : Clothes can make you look and feel great, no matter the size of your body, but be wary of adding visible pounds with the style choices you make.

Smokers at higher suicide risk: Study

Washington, July 17 : Irrespective of whether they are suffering from psychiatric disorders or not, cigarette smokers are more likely to commit suicide than people who do not smoke, a study shows.

Ants can trap carbon for us

Washington, July 17 : The tiny ants may be derided by all, but they play a very important role in making the earth habitable by assisting in the gradual reduction of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Many women in science field work face abuse

Washington, July 17 : In what could be one of the reasons why women shy away from joining science stream, a survey reveals that many young scientists have suffered sexual harassment or sexual assault while at work in the field.

Shut smartphone, enjoy her smile at dinner

New York, July 17 : Did you miss something while continuously checking smartphone as your spouse waited for undivided attention at dinner? You may not have an answer but researchers have.

Learn how to cut cake equally and have it too

New York, July 17 : Next time you fight for the biggest pie of the birthday cake, remember this. Scientists have evolved a method that will help share cake between two people in equal pieces and in such a way that no one feels robbed.

Are women really the chattier sex?

Washington, July 16 : The generic notion that women are more talkative than men was tested by researchers, who found that it depended on the context.

Now, an app that can erase all evidence of your chats

Washington, July 16 : Wiper, a messaging app which made its debut last week, has come up with a feature which will erase all the messages and photos shared from both the phones and company's server with just one tap.

Friends we choose resemble us genetically

Washington, July 16 : A new study has revealed that the 'buddies' we choose do resemble us genetically even though they are not biologically related.

'Mutant worms' show hope for curing drunkards

Washington, July 16 : A new study, which claims that mutation in worms stops them from getting intoxicated, provides new hope for drunken people.

Smartphone ads work for practical products: Study

New York, July 16 : Do mobile display advertisements on your smartphone's web browser actually work? Despite their small size, mobile ads can have a big effect on consumers for certain products, a study says.

Short men have more sex

London, July 16 : If you are moderately short or even short, do not worry as you will be a champion when it comes to performing the real act.

More teenage boys seeking trust not sex: Study

New York, July 16 : Contrary to popular belief, a significant study shows that teenage boys are not looking for sex but intimate and meaningful relationships with the opposite sex.

Men out-talk women in large settings

New York, July 16 : Contrary to the stereotype that women talk more than men, researchers have found that there is an interplay between the context and gender and men can out-talk women in large settings, but women do the most talking in small settings.

Save your skin, hair from monsoon showers (Lifestyle Feature)

By Nivedita, New Delhi, July 16 : From using light make-up, keeping the skin and hair dry to exfoliating your skin at regular intervals, keep your beauty checks in place to sail through the monsoon blues.

Mutant worms to de-addict you from alcohol!

Washington, July 16 : The answer to treat alcohol withdrawal symptoms in people has been found in worms. Neuroscientists have generated mutant worms that do not get intoxicated by alcohol - a result that could lead to new drugs to treat humans.

Not daughters, tense relationships cause divorce

New York, July 16 : Debunking a feeling among US couples that daughters lead to divorce, a significant study reveals that tense relationship, and not a girl child, prior to pregnancy is the real cause for divorce.

Daily fish oil improves brain function in elderly

New York, July 16 : Regular use of fish oil supplements may significantly reduce cognitive decline and improve brain function in older adults, says a study.