Share domestic chores for super sex life

New York, July 31 : Do you often ignore sharing household chores with your spouse? Start helping her from now on as it comes with an extra incentive - better, hotter sex.

Bees select best flowers even before landing

London, July 31 : For rearing their young, bees need to be able to select flowers providing the most nutritious pollen and they know it even before landing on the flower simply by looking at the colour of the petals, says a study.

Tips to de-stress at work place

Los Angeles, July 30 : With a demanding boss, a long list of to-dos, and negative environment, you get stressed in office. Beat the stress by downloading an app or gorging on oranges.

Menu design can spoil diners' mood

New York, July 30 : If you have ordered the wrong food at a restaurant, do not blame yourself. Curse the menu instead.

Now, furniture that feels, smells like human skin

London, July 29 : A British designer has created a new type of furniture, which feels and smells like real human flesh.

Infants smell threats by mother's odour

New York, July 29 : Infants can smell fear. They learn to detect threats and remember these for long just by smelling the odour their mother gives off when she feels fear, says a study.

What makes you a pessimist?

London, July 29 : Cannot see thing turning out to be all right? A hyperactive habenula, half the size of a pea in the brain that tracks predictions about negative events, could be the key, a study suggests.

Now, predict first impressions

New York, July 29 : Now, it is possible to accurately predict first impressions using physical features in everyday facial images such as those found on social media, says a study.

This is why dogs sniff each other's butts

New York, July 29 : You may have witnessed this scene on the road quite often but the answer to why dogs sniff each other's butts is hidden in the chemical communication at the rear end.

In changing times, women find losing virginity enjoyable

London, July 29 : Did you feel guilty after having sex for the first time? Take heart as young women today are actually "enjoying losing their virginity" compared to earlier days.

Early reading skills may have positive influence on intelligence later

Washington, July 28 : A new study has revealed that early reading skill might positively affect later intellectual abilities.

How people feel sharing their life events on social media

Washington, July 27 : A new study has investigated about people who share their life events via media particularly social media and texting and how they feel when they share these events in mediated environments that lack nonverbal cues like hugs or high-fives.

People who work longer smoke more

London, July 28 : Do you work for long hours? Check your smoking habits. New research has revealed that people who work longer smoke more.

People who work longer smoke more

London, July 28 : Do you work for long hours? Check your smoking habits. New research has revealed that people who work longer smoke more.

Decoded: What triggers sexual arousal in you

New York, July 28 : Know why just looking at an attractive face stimulates sexual arousal? Well, it takes two to tango!

Turn your selfie into emoji with this app

New York, July 28 : Tired of seeing the same yellow-faced smileys? In an age of selfies, how can emojis be far behind?

Trees saving 850 human lives a year in US: Study

Washington, July 28 : Trees are saving more than 850 human lives a year and preventing almost 670,000 incidences of acute respiratory symptoms, says an estimate of air pollution removal by trees in the US by the US Forest Service scientists and collaborators.

Google Nexus to herald a big screen era

New York, July 28 : It looks like global smartphone makers are betting on bigger screens in 2015 and Google cannot be far behind.

Childhood buddies can make you a better person

Washington, July 27 : A new study has revealed that people start connecting with others since childhood and the interaction mold and develop their adult character.

'Dropped' calls may measure rainfall

London, July 27 : We know that cellphone calls break up and crackle when it rains. But did you ever think that tracking this disruption in cellphone signals could help you calculate the amount of rainfall?

Is mobile wallet a distant dream in India?

By Aparajita Gupta, New Delhi, July 27 : Despite a huge unbanked population and 700 million cell phone connections, the concept of mobile wallet will take some time to become popular in India as people are still unaware of its larger benefits like financial inclusion, even as the standards to make it functional are yet to be in place, experts maintain.

Buy books, happiness will come free

New York, July 27 : Purchasing books, video games or other experiential products designed to enhance your buying experience can make you just as happy as travelling.

Nostalgia prompts people to spend more

New York, July 27 : The next time you visit a mall, stop thinking about the past because a feeling of nostalgia may prompt you to spend more, says a study.

Early reading skills make kids sharper

London, July 27 : If you wish to see your kids emerge as intelligent adults, start now to mind their reading skills. Researchers have found that early reading skills might positively affect later intellectual abilities.

Paneer jalebi, Shahi tukda..feasting on traditional sweets this Eid (Foodie Trail)

By Prerna Gagerna, New Delhi, July 27 : From succulent dates to popular sheer kurma, from delicious shahi tukda to mouth-watering paneer jalebi - these traditional sweets attract people from all walks to the walled city in the Indian capital during the holy month of Ramadan.

Erotic thoughts key to female orgasm: Study

London, July 26 : Women who miss on orgasm should focus more on their their bodily sensations during intercourse and try to have more erotic thoughts during the act, a fascinating study reveals.

Get bowled over by KFC's Fab Five

By Natalia Ningthoujam, New Delhi, July 26 : KFC, the Kentucky-based casual dining brand known for its "so good" range of chicken burgers and buckets, has been trying its best to entice vegetarians. And now, with the launch of rice bowls topped with their signature products like fiery grilled chicken and veg strips, they are set to attract more foodies who love to have carbohydrates.

Slow down to instil sexual desire in her

London, July 26 : Does being nice and responsive increase sexual desire in her? Do men perceive responsive women as more attractive and vice versa? The answers lie in slowing down if the goal is to instil sexual desire.

How people feel sharing their on social media?

Washington, July 25 : A new study has investigated about people who share their life events via media particularly social media and texting and how they feel when they share these events in mediated environments that lack nonverbal cues like hugs or high-fives.

Clean furniture the right way

New Delhi, July 25 : Sparkling furniture makes for an impressive home. Make sure you use the right cleaning and maintenance methods for different kinds of furniture items.

Job loss, not recession, ups death risk

Washington, July 25 : If we believe US researchers, job loss is associated with a 73 percent increase in the probability of death - the equivalent of adding 10 years to a person's age.

Background TV can impact kids' future

Washington, July 25 : Do you watch your favourite television show after assigning homework to your kids? This may have a bearing on their learning and their success in future.

TV, smartphones as destressers lead to guilt feeling

London, July 25 : If you destress yourself daily by watching TV or playing games on your smartphone after a tiring day at work, you may not be doing yourself any good.

Made for each other? It actually hurts

Toronto, July 25 : Those soulful thoughts like "made for each other" or "she is my other half" may no longer intensify love but actually hurt your relationship.

Well-educated wives no longer at divorce risk

New York, July 25 : Take heart and show some humility if your wife is more educated than you and earns better. With changing times, this may not drive your relationship to the dead end any more.

What does it take to go cashless?

By Dharmarajan Krishnan : In the past, it passed for a moment of instant fun. In shops, behind the busy payments counter, you saw this advisory on bold display: "In God we trust, others pay cash!" This was their way of telling the customer that you'd better pay for the purchase cash down, no running after in case you default! Long after those times, you are perhaps inclined to believe that the cash-only obsession has withered away. Think again!

Okay, so gender issues can be confusing (The Funny Side)

By Nury Vittachi : I was so outraged when an American friend said that Asian males were kind of "girly" that I almost hit him with my shoulder bag. But instead I just gave him a cold stare and turned back to my Hello Kitty collection.

Girls' puberty age depends on which parent's 'imprinted gene' they carry

Washington, July 24 : A new study has found that the puberty age of girls largely depends on which of the two parents' 'imprinted' genes they have.

Know your style to stay stylish

London, July 24 : Finding your own personal style can take years. British fashion stylist Rachel Davis, who has worked with the likes of Elle Macpherson and Daisy Lowe, says that it is important to know your own body and follow the style accordingly rather than aping someone else.

About 13 percent new mothers avoid sex

London, July 24 : Have you rejected love-making calls from your hubby after childbirth? Take heart as you have not committed a sin.

Soon, grocery bags from vegetable waste

London, July 24 : Your next grocery bag can come from vegetable waste products.

Do's, Don'ts for monsoon bride

New Delhi, July 24 : Monsoon weddings may be a hit as they score high on the romantic factor, but they spell skin and hair problems for the brides. To get a radiant skin, girls should adhere to certain rules like shunning oil and going for less cosmetics, said an expert.

It's true! Jealousy strikes dogs too

New York, July 24 : Even though some scientists have argued that jealousy is an entirely social construct, dog owners would not dispute that their puppies can be as possessive as humans and the first ever experiment on dog jealousy only confirms this.

Military men's height can influence depression risk

Washington, July 24 : Both short and tall men in the military are more at risk for depression than their colleagues of average height, a study shows.

Men with wider faces negotiate better

New York, July 24 : Men with wider faces are better at negotiating when it comes to their own benefit but not so much when the situation requires compromise and collaboration, says a study.

Consumers exhibit self-control while spending

New York, July 24 : While most of research routinely criticises consumers for being impulsive, research by an Indian-origin professor contends that consumers exhibit self-control most of the time.

Tap a tattoo to unlock this smartphone

New York, July 24 : Do you know that an average person takes 2.3 seconds to unlock smartphone and this happens usually 39 times a day? What if a tattoo can unlock your smartphone and save you from the exhausting process again and again?

Why kids tend to be impulsive

Washington, July 23 : A new study has linked impulsiveness in kids to brain connectivity.

People spend more while experiencing 'nostalgia'

Washington, July 23 : A new study has revealed that people tend to shell out more money when they think about their past.

Care to wear some vagina undies?

London, July 23 : An underwear with vagina printed across it, has been recently created by an art student, Eleanor Beth Haswell.

People regret spending with bottom dollar in pocket

New York, July 23 : Do you regret buying that pair of shoes or your favourite T-shirt at the fag end of the month? That nagging feeling about your money being wasted is a global phenomenon.

How to make your kids eat veggies

New York, July 23 : Do you find it hard to make your kids eat vegetables? Then do not tell them vegetables are good for them as children are less likely to eat healthy foods when they hear about their benefits, says a study.

Age increases belief in love at first sight

London, July 23 : Love at first sight is not the sole property of the young. As you age, you are more likely to believe in love at first sight, an interesting study reveals.

Do you eat everything on your plate?

New York, July 23 : If you eat pretty much everything you put on your plate, you are a proud member of the "Clean Plate Club".

Trying harder doesn't help adults learn languages: Study

Washington, July 22 : A new study has revealed that the harder adults try to learn an artificial language, the worse they are at deciphering the language's morphology, the structure and deployment of linguistic units such as root words, suffixes, and prefixes.

Myopia increases with higher education: Study

Washington, July 22 : A new study has revealed that that attaining a higher level of education and spending more years in school are two factors associated with a greater prevalence and severity of nearsightedness, or myopia.

Are Disney movies behind failed relationships?

London, July 22 : Love watching Disney romantic movies? You may be suffering from "Disney complexes" that may eventually mar your romantic life.

Young children know all about cuteness

London, July 22 : Know why your young one goes overboard the moment he/she sees that lovely kitten or a beautiful puppy? Because "cuteness" gets ingrained into his/her mind as early as age three.

Bird droppings can be mosquito busters!

By K.S. Jayaraman, Bangalore, July 22 : Don't get upset if birds mess up your courtyard or your home garden with their dropppings. These winged creatures may actually be helping to protect you and your family from dengue and other mosquito-borne diseases.

Is Facebook addiction pushing up divorce cases?

London, July 22 : If you think excessive Facebook use by your spouse is behind your divorce, then you may be right, says a study.