India records highest social networking growth: Study

Bangalore, July 25 : More Indians are logging into Facebook and Twitter accounts, as evident from a record growth of 37 percent in social networking during 2013, according to a study by eMarketer.

Social media changing rules of engagement: Expert

Bangalore, July 25 : Riding on disruptive technology platforms, social media was changing the rules of engagement, making its stakeholders face more challenges than opportunities in the virtual world, an expert said here Friday.

Facebook reveals Q2 earnings, high revenue from mobile-ad

Washington, July 24 : Facebook has announced its second quarter's earnings, and shows a considerable rise in advertising revenue on mobile.

Microsoft soon to have single OS for all devices

Washington, July 24 : Microsoft's CEO announced on Tuesday that all versions of Windows will merge into one operating system for all devices.

Facebook's Q2 profits double on back of strong mobile ad sales

Washington, July 24 : Social networking company Facebook's profit has doubled reaching 791 million dollars while its total revenue rose from 1.8 billion dollars to 2.9 billion dollars in the second quarter of 2014.

Microsoft's revenue beats expectation, profit decreases

Washington, July 23 : Microsoft's total revenue reported 23.38 billion dollars in its fourth fiscal quarter was announced on Tuesday as the profit plunged following the company's acquisition of Nokia's handset business.

Yahoo set to buy mobile analytics and advertising platform 'Flurry'

Washington, July 22 : Yahoo announced on Monday that it is set to buy Flurry, a company that specializes in mobile analytics and advertising.

Leaked Windows 9 screenshots show return of Start Menu

Washington, July 22 : Microsoft's newly leaked screenshots of 'Windows 9' shows the revamped look of the desktop and gives a closer view of the new 'Start Menu'.

Facebook closes $2 bil Oculus deal

Washington, July 22 : Facebook has reportedly closed the 2 billion dollars Oculus VR deal, placing the world's largest social-networking company squarely in the consumer electronics industry.

Google's Q2 earnings exceed analysts' estimates due to boost in ad revenues

London, July 18 : Search engine giant, Google has reportedly seen a 22 percent raise in revenue and 6 percent in profits from last year.

Microsoft to scrap Android-based Nokia X, cut down 18,000 jobs

Washington, July 18 : Microsoft is planning to scrap off Nokia X and cut down 18,000 jobs next year.

Longer you're on Facebook, the worse you will feel: Study

Washington, July 18 : People who consider using Facebook as an antidepressant, think again as a recent study has proved that using Facebook makes you feel more 'pitied' about yourself.

Facebook introduces new app only for celebrities

Washington, July 18 : Social networking site Facebook has launched a new app called 'Mentions' for Facebook-recognised or verified celebrities to help them manage their public figure pages.

Google's customizable smartphones set to reach developers by month end

Washington, July 16 : Google's Project Ara takes a big step towards retail market as the company announced that developers will begin receiving Project Ara hardware by the end of this month.

CEO Marissa Mayer disappointed with Yahoo's Q2 results

Washington, July 16 : Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is disappointed with the three percent fall in revenue in second quarter.

'Bots' writing Wikipedia pages for you

London, July 16 : If you find some writings on Wikipedia a bit pompous or awkward because they read too formal, do not blame humans. For an increasing number of entries on Wikipedia are being written by automated software or 'bots'.

Posting sexy images on Facebook may backfire

New York, July 15 : For young women, sharing sexy or revealing photos on social media may backfire as female friends may view them as physically and socially less attractive and less competent to perform tasks.

Photon router sets stage for quantum computers

London, July 15 : In an effort to overcome the difficulties in building quantum computers, scientists have developed a photonic router - a quantum device based on a single atom that enables routing of single photons (particles of light).

Now feel your lover's hand via computer!

London, July 14 : If you are one of those innumerable long distance lovers who always wished being able to feel your love despite being online, guess what? Your prayers have been answered!

Microsoft plans to expand operations in Telangana

Hyderabad, July 14 : Global software giant Microsoft plans to expand its operations in Telangana, it was announced Monday.

9,174 Indian websites hacked till May: IT minister

New Delhi, July 14 : Minister of Communications and Information Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad Monday said 9,174 Indian websites were hacked by various hacker groups from different parts of the world till May 2014.

HTC launches 'hero product' Desire 616 in India

By Shashwati, New Delhi, July 11 : HTC has unveiled its latest dual-sim smartphone 'HTC Desire 616' in New Delhi.

HTC launches 'power-packed performer' One E8 in India

By Shashwati, New Delhi, July 11 : HTC has unveiled its latest lightweight dual-curve device 'HTC One E8' in New Delhi.

Microsoft Surface Mini to be launched this summer: Reports

Washington, July 8 : Microsoft may launch a mini version of Surface tablet this summer and is currently under production.

Lava launches 6-inch phablet 'Magnum X604', for Rs.11,999

New Delhi, July 7 : Indian smartphone manufacturing firm Lava on Monday unveiled its new 'sleek and portable' phablet, Magnum X604 for Rs. 11,999.

Google bans 'sexual content' from its ad network

Washington, July 7 : Google has reportedly changed its advertisement guidelines which prohibits promotion of sexually themed sites, specifically those that feature graphic sexual acts with intent to arouse including sex acts such as masturbation.

Google begins reinstating some links it had removed

London, July 5 : After widespread criticism, Google has begun reinstating some links it had earlier removed under the controversial "right to be forgotten" ruling.

Facebook faces action over 'emotion contagion' study

Washington, July 5 : US privacy group Electronic Privacy Information Centre (EPIC) has filed a formal complaint with the Federate Trade Commission (FTC) over Facebook's use of user data in its "emotion contagion" study.

Facebook Messenger finally arrives on iPad

Washington, July 4 : Facebook has now rolled out a new update to their chatting app which includes a dedicated 'Messenger' app for iPad.

Soon, liquids to keep your PC cool

Kuala Lumpur, July 3 : We know that personal computers can slow down, or worse, completely shut down owing to overheating. Not any more.

Mixed emotions and reactions to Google pulling the plug on Orkut

By Anu Bhat, New Delhi, July 1 : Google has officially announced that Orkut, a social networking website, will be shut down at the end of September, but people who had spent their teenage days on Orkut, can't get over their nostalgia associated with it.

Google set to kill word-processing app 'Quickoffice'

Washington, July 1 : Google recently announced that it is killing Quickoffice, the word-processing app for Android and iOS.

Multi-language support in Google Now delayed: Reports

Washington, June 30 : Google is still working on multi language support system on Google Now which was to be launched in the few days hence postponing the launch.

Soon, Microsoft to add folder support in Windows phone 8.1: Report

Washington, June 30 : Microsoft is reportedly planning to support folders for apps on the Start Screen in Window phone 8.1.

Now, Google removes search results following 'right to be forgotten' in Europe

Washington, June 27 : Tech giant Google has now started removing search results in Europe, following the controversial ruling of 'right to be forgotten'.

Google wants Android to dominate world market

Washington, June 26 : Google at its I/O conference revealed their ambition make Android the dominating OS worldwide.

How computers 'remember' things

New York, June 26 : How does your computer recall things and perform logical operations? It is all thanks to the "moving" metal particles in memory components, finds new research.

Software piracy reduction can generate $1.6 billion in India: IDC

New Delhi, June 26 : A reduction in usage of pirated software in the manufacturing sector by 10 percentage points over the next four years can generate $1.6 billion revenue for India and can also add 15,000 jobs as well, a white paper issued by the International Data Corporation (IDC) stated Thursday.

Facebook still teens' favorite social-networking website: Survey

Washington, June 25 : A new survey has revealed that Facebook is still teens' favorite social networking website in the US.

Intel launches 'student friendly' 2-in-1 laptop

By Anu Bhat, New Delhi, June 25 : Intel launched a new two-in-one laptop cum tablet device today.

Intel launches ruggedized 'Education tablet'

By Yashank Chopra, New Delhi, June 25 : Tech titan Intel on Wednesday launched a new 10 inch tablet, designed specifically for education and built to meet students' needs equipped with a snap-on magnification lens which provides 30 x magnifications, which makes the tablet capable of taking microscopic pictures. The tablet has an in built 'Lab Camera' application, powered by intellisense, with six tools like which lets students carry out scientific concepts.

Google launches eleven new Glass apps

Washington, June 25 : Google has come up with 11 new apps for Google Glass.

Google announces invite-only domain-registration service

Washington, June 25 : Google has announced the launch of an invite-only, domain-registration service, marking its foray into the domain registration business.

PC market grew only 6 percent in 2013-14: MAIT

New Delhi, June 25 : The Indian personal computer (PC) market grew only by 6 percent in 2013-14 and tablets growth dropped to 76 percent during the period from 424 percent in 2012-2013, says a review done by the Manufacturers' Association of Information Technology (MAIT).

Son of fruit seller is computer prodigy of Hisar

Hisar, Jun 18 : A 15-year-old student Thakur Dass Bhargav Senior Secondary School Haryana, has become a web developer.

Facebook launches Snapchat-like app, Slingshot

Washington, June 18 : Social media website, Facebook has launched on Tuesday a self-destructing photo sharing app called Slingshot.

Toshiba launches world's first Ultra HD 4K laptop in India for Rs 86,000

New Delhi, Jun 17 : Japanese tech giant Toshiba today rolled out a range of new laptops, including the world's first Ultra HD 4K laptop with 15.6-inch touchscreen display in the Indian market which comes at a price tag of Rs 86,000.

Sony launches new 2TB Hard Disk Drive

New Delhi, June 17 : Sony India on Tuesday announced the launch of its new PSZ-HA2T Hard Disk Drive (HDD), expanding its line of portable storage drives to the existing range of 500GB and 1TB (PSZ-HA50 and PSZ-HA1T) and a 256GB solid state drive (PSZ-SA25).

Toshiba launches world's first Ultra HD 4K laptop in India

New Delhi, Jun 17 : Japanese tech giant Toshiba today introduced the world's first Ultra HD 4K laptop with touch screen in the Indian market which comes at a price tag of Rs 86,000.

Now track how your private data is being used online

Washington, June 12 : A new Web technology has been developed that would allow internet users to track their transmission of private data and how is it being used online.

Software that makes internet search relevant for you

Washington, June 13 : Have your ever felt riled at the irrelevant and unwanted results a search engine throws in response to your query?

Ahmedabad among highest in country in Facebook usage: survey

Ahmedabad, Jun 11 : Ahmedabad is among the highest in the country in Facebook usage, according to a survey.

Facebook 'liking' is new form of humanitarian support

Washington, June 10 : "Liking" or "following" a page on the social networking site Facebook is a new form of humanitarian support and civic engagement and, according to a study.

Google's new Android feature 'Nearby' allows devices to connect automatically

Washington, June 8 : Google is reportedly working on a latest Android feature that lets phones and tablets to automatically connect and interact with nearby devices.

Android tweet featuring smartphone sparks Nexus 6 rumour

Washington, June 8 : A tweet from the official Android account, intended to showcase the ingredients feature in Google Search, reportedly featured a smartphone, assumed to be Google Nexus 6.

Google Glass will now let users see notifications just by moving their eyes

Washington, June 7 : A new update on Google Glass will now let users see notifications just by moving their eyes.

Google Chrome topples IE to become most popular web interface in the US

Washington, June 7 : Google's internet browser Chrome has become the most popular Web interface in the US, leaving Microsoft's Internet Explorer behind.

After Facebook, CIA joins Twitter

Washington, June 7 : The ace intelligence agency of US, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has joined the Microblogging social networking website, Twitter.

Android said to get touch-ready Office, before Windows: Report

Washington, June 4 : The leading mobile OS Android is said to incorporate touch-ready Office before Windows.

PC sales expected to plunge by 6% this year: IDC report

Washington, June 4 : A new study by IDC, International Data Corporation, has revealed that sales of PCs will further go down by 6 percent overall this year.