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    Immune response to injury may damage brain: Study
    New York, July 25 : Can our immune system trigger memory impairment and cognitive dysfunction leading to chronic neurological diseases? Researchers at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio believe so.

    Virus linked to obesity and diabetes found
    New York, July 25 : Biologists have discovered an extremely widespread virus that could be as old as humans and could play a major role in obesity and diabetes.

    'The Great Gatsby' themed bridal shower for Snooki
    New York, July 25 : Reality TV star Nicole Polizzi, popular as Snooki, celebrated her upcoming nuptials to fiance Jionni LaValle with bridal shower themed on "The Great Gatsby" here.

    Bacteria linked to obesity and diabetes found
    New York, July 25 : Biologists have discovered an extremely widespread virus that could be as old as humans and could play a major role in obesity and diabetes.

    Night lights can wake up breast cancer cells
    New York, July 25 : Sleeping at night with the lights on can not only add to your energy consumption, but also wake up breast cancer cells, a study suggests.

    Alec Baldwin refuses to apologise for misconduct
    New York, July 25 : Actor Alec Baldwin would "rather pay a fine" than apologise for allegedly bad-mouthing police officers in May.

    Men in shift work at higher type 2 diabetes risk: Study
    New York, July 25 : Men who works in shift are at higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes, a study warns.

    Beatles fan? Decode their musical journey now
    New York, July 25 : Computer scientists at Lawrence Technological University have developed an artificial intelligence algorithm that can analyze and compare musical styles, enabling research into the musical progression of the Beatles.

    Toddler's eye contact may signal autism risk
    New York, July 25 : Low levels of joint attention - the act of making eye contact with another person to share an experience - without a positive affective component (a smile) in the first year is linked to high risk of autism disorder, says a study.

    Four journalists detained in Iran
    New York, July 25 : The New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has urged the Iranian government to immediately release four detained journalists, three of them with US-Iranian nationality, a media report said Friday.

    Lampard declines offer to join Villa at Melbourne City FC
    Canberra, July 25 : Ex-Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard will not be joining the newly rebranded A-League side Melbourne City following a move to its affiliate club, New York City FC, a spokesman said Friday.

    Smartphone app tracks how gut bacteria affect health
    New York, July 25 : A smartphone app used by two volunteers for one year to track their daily life has thrown interesting results about the composition of gut bacteria and its close relationship with health.

    Well-educated wives no longer at divorce risk
    New York, July 25 : Take heart and show some humility if your wife is more educated than you and earns better. With changing times, this may not drive your relationship to the dead end any more.

    Amy Winehouse's dad 'always be in touch' with deceased daughter
    New York, July 24 : Amy Winehouse's father has claimed that he is always in touch with his deceased daughter.

    My commitment to 'vikas' stands: Hema Malini
    New York, July 24 : Reacting to the criticism about her absence from her constituency Mathura, actor-politician Hema Malini claims she is "working for my people wherever I am" and that she will always stick to her commitment of facilitating progress in the Uttar Pradesh town.

    Monitor pulse after stroke to avoid second
    New York, July 24 : Regularly monitoring your pulse after a stroke or the pulse of a loved one who has experienced a stroke can prevent a second stroke.

    App for tips on baby care
    New York, July 24 : Are you pregnant and want to get tips about pre-natal baby care on phone? A new app called "Glow Nurture" may come in handy.

    Soon, spinach to power your car
    New York, July 24 : The next time you buy spinach to give you strength, think about your car.

    It's true! Jealousy strikes dogs too
    New York, July 24 : Even though some scientists have argued that jealousy is an entirely social construct, dog owners would not dispute that their puppies can be as possessive as humans and the first ever experiment on dog jealousy only confirms this.

    Rosemary, oregano in diet naturally combat diabetes
    New York, July 24 : Are you suffering from type-2 diabetes? You could soon cut down on your medicine bills as researchers have confirmed that including rosemary and oregano in the diet may help you control blood sugar levels naturally.

    Puberty timing influenced by 'imprinted' genes
    New York, July 24 : The age at which girls reach sexual maturity is influenced by which parent their genes are inherited from, says a study.

    Men with wider faces negotiate better
    New York, July 24 : Men with wider faces are better at negotiating when it comes to their own benefit but not so much when the situation requires compromise and collaboration, says a study.

    Why obese workers get tired sooner
    New York, July 24 : Workers who are obese may have significantly shorter endurance times when performing workplace tasks, compared with their non-obese counterparts, says a study.

    Narcissistic bosses enjoy hefty pay packets: Study
    New York, July 24 : If you cannot make the moolah even at the top, read this. According to new research, more aggressive, self-confident and narcissistic top executives are the ones who take home the highest salaries.

    Consumers exhibit self-control while spending
    New York, July 24 : While most of research routinely criticises consumers for being impulsive, research by an Indian-origin professor contends that consumers exhibit self-control most of the time.

    Tap a tattoo to unlock this smartphone
    New York, July 24 : Do you know that an average person takes 2.3 seconds to unlock smartphone and this happens usually 39 times a day? What if a tattoo can unlock your smartphone and save you from the exhausting process again and again?

    Male and white workers dominate jobs at Twitter
    New York, July 24 : Male and white workers occupy most of the tech and leadership jobs at Twitter, the microblogging site has acknowledged.

    Paris Hilton 'can't trust any man' after sex tape leak
    New York, July 23 : Paris Hilton has revealed that she will never be able to "fully trust any man again" after her sex tape with Rick Salomon was released in 2004.

    'Little Big Man' author Thomas Berger dead
    New York, July 23 : Author Thomas Berger, best known for his book "Little Big Man", is dead. He was 89.

    People regret spending with bottom dollar in pocket
    New York, July 23 : Do you regret buying that pair of shoes or your favourite T-shirt at the fag end of the month? That nagging feeling about your money being wasted is a global phenomenon.

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