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    Viagra ice cream for instant erection?
    New York, April 16 : Forget the tablet as this ice cream would do the job for you - just remember to eat this behind close doors though!

    Google Glass rolls white models for US citizens
    New York, April 16 : Google, which made its wearable eye device Google Glass available online to the US residents Tuesday for just one day, is yet to announce the numbers but the firm did sell several white-coloured models.

    Peers bigger threat than pimps for minors in sex trade?
    New York, April 16 : Contrary to what people generally assume, it is not always the pimps who initiate minors into sex trade, says a study.

    Why consumers pay more attention to big packaging
    New York, April 16 : Be it a lottery ticket or a stock market, packaging them in larger categories may help attract more eyeballs, research shows.

    Learn how to harvest happiness
    New York, April 16 : Chasing happiness may sometime leave you less happy, but if you set your acts of benevolence or help others in concrete rather than abstract terms, you would be a lot happier.

    Go for food with rough texture for a healthy you!
    New York, April 16 : Health-conscious people who wish to keep a tab on their calorie intake seem to prefer food that are either hard or have rough texture as they perceive such food to have low-calorie content, research shows.

    Rice eaters have better diets
    New York, April 16 : Do you consider rice a culprit in adding extra kilos around your belly, think again. New research shows that people can improve their diets simply by enjoying white or brown rice as part of their daily meals.

    Simple blood test can diagnose asthma: Study
    New York, April 16 : A single drop of blood can be a faster, cheaper and more accurate tool to diagnose mild cases of asthma.

    Simple blood test can diagnose asthma: Study
    New York, April 16 : A single drop of blood can be a faster, cheaper and more accurate tool to diagnose mild cases of asthma.

    Infant hair reveals life inside the womb!
    New York, April 16 : Hairs can reveal a lot, from your personality to even drug abuse or hormonal changes. Now, add foetus growth in the womb to the hair list.

    Girls' suffer bad romance more than boys
    New York, April 16 : Caught in a bad romantic relationship? Do not give a damn if things go wrong especially if you are a girl. Else, you may suffer mentally a lot when romances unfold differently than you imagined.

    Chile: UN offers support after devastating fires in Valparaiso
    New York, Apr 16 : The head of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on Tuesday voiced deep concern over the destruction caused by fires that have been raging around Valparaiso and pledged to help safeguard the Chilean city's historic sites.

    Ukraine: UN urges halt to propaganda, incitement to hatred
    New York, Apr 16 : While corruption and widespread inequality were among the root causes of the massive street protests that erupted last year in Ukraine, the fear-mongering and incitement to hatred that have followed must be urgently countered to avoid further escalation of tensions in the ...

    UN urges Israel to prevent takeover of West Bank building
    New York, Apr 16 : An independent United Nations human rights expert on Tuesday urged Israel to prevent settlers from taking over Al-Rajabi House, a building in the West Bank city of Hebron that was built by Palestinian families but whose ownership was granted to the settlers after a protracted ...

    UN condemns ongoing violence in South Sudan
    New York, Apr 16 : The number of people seeking shelter at the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) base in the Unity state capital, Bentiu, has doubled over the past few days, UN Humanitarian Coordinator Toby Lanzer said in Juba on Tuesday.

    UN lauds Bulgaria's effort to improve conditions of asylum-seekers
    New York, Apr 16 : The United Nations refugee agency applauded on Tuesday the "significant efforts" made recently by the Bulgarian authorities and their partners to improve living conditions for asylum seekers in the country.

    Pepsi joins Coke in support to protect rights of poor: UN
    New York, Apr 16 : The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) announced on Tuesday that PepsiCo has joined the Coca-Cola Company in giving its official support to a set of global guidelines that protect the rights of poor and vulnerable people to land, livelihoods and food security.

    Mexico: Ban urges renewed global partnership for development
    New York, Apr 16 : With the deadline for the globally agreed development targets fast approaching, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday called for a renewed global partnership to advance sustainable development and a life of dignity for all.

    UN launches guide to mobilizing action for disarmament
    New York, Apr 16 : "Your deeds will have an the new leaders of change," United Nations Messenger of Peace Michael Douglas urged on Tuesday during an event launching the book, 'Action for Disarmament: 10 Things You Can Do!'.

    Libya: UNSC condemns abduction of Jordanian envoy
    New York, Apr 16 : The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) strongly condemned Tuesday's attack in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, which resulted in the abduction of the Jordanian ambassador and injuries to his driver.

    New York Police ends spying on Muslims
    Washington, April 16 : New York Police Department has disbanded a controversial surveillance unit started after the September 11, 2001, attacks to catalogue information on Muslim businesses and mosques across the New York region.

    India born Vijay Seshadri wins Pulitzer in poetry
    New York, Apr 15 : India born American poet and essayist Vijay Seshadri has been awarded the Pulitzer Prize in poetry this year.

    How flesh-eating bacteria exploded into epidemic
    New York, April 15 : A strain of flesh-eating group may affect you in various ways - some of them fatally - and scientists have now discovered how this bacteria exploded into a worldwide epidemic.

    Women more vulnerable to Alzheimer's gene: Study
    New York, April 15 : Women born with a special gene are at greater risk of developing Alzheimer's disease than men with the same disease, a study reveals.

    US Airways tweets porn image, apologises
    New York, April 15 : After facing embarrassment over posting a obscene pornographic image on Twitter in response to an unhappy customer Monday, US Airways finally apologised for the error later in the day.

    Teenagers with 'little hope' commit more crimes
    New York, April 15 : In what could explain the alarming rate of rise in serious offences by teenagers, including rape and murder, researchers have found that teenagers who anticipate early death are more likely to commit crimes.

    Domestic abuse makes new mothers mentally unhealthy
    New York, April 15 : Domestic abuse during pregnancy makes new mothers more vulnerable to mental health problems including depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a new study has found.

    How brain creates signposts and remember them too
    New York, April 15 : Placing a pin in the google map to mark a place is one thing and creating signposts in the brain is quite another. But scientists have now discovered that our brain may just do something similar as the place cells in the brain can also act like neural flags that "mark" an ...

    UN hails treaty allowing children to lodge complaints
    New York, Apr 15 : United Nations child rights experts on Monday hailed a new treaty that allows children to complain directly to the world body about alleged violations of their rights.

    UN urges less military spending, more investment in development
    New York, Apr 15 : Marking the Global Day of Action on Military Spending, the United Nations independent expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order called on all governments to boost transparency and cuts in military expenditures, and increase investments in ...

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