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Japan's experience with the Great Earthquake and the Sarin gas attack in Tokyo subway by terrorists has prompted the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to undertake a range of disaster prevention and management measures.

In 2003, the Bureau of Social Welfare of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government formed the Tokyo DMAT - Disaster Medical Assistance Teams -- to deal with any crisis.

The DMAT teams specializes in on-site rapid response medical assistance to the disaster victims and are equipped with medical doctors with portable medical kit to provide on-the spot emergency medical treatment, before transporting victims to hospitals.

"Japan has experienced many disasters in the past, but before, there was absence of medical doctor at the disaster site. Medical treatment was provided only at the first-aid center. DMAT team was formed based on the concept to make up the absence of medical service at the disaster site and triage victims to aid center," said Masaru Sasaki, Director of Tokyo Metropolitan Hiroo Hospital.

Tokyo Metropolitan Hiroo Hospital has been designated for DMAT during any disaster and major accident.

Tokyo DMAT is comprised of specially trained medical and nursing personnel, who can be dispatched swiftly at the scenes of urban disasters to administer emergency medical treatment.

The team members are fully trained to accurately diagnose large number of patients and provide appropriate medical treatment and rapid triage to the aid center.

Tokyo DMAT teams are equipped with portable medical kit. Each kit is designed to provide emergency medical treatment to 10 patients.

"Each DMAT team consists of one medical doctor, two nurses and one logistics officer. The medical doctor mainly provides emergency medical aid to the victims. The logistics officer provides the back up support and communications so that the team can effectively provide emergency medical treatment," said Sasaki.

At the residence for disaster medical assistance staff in Hiroo hospital, there is a disaster medical facility which is ready to be used as a first aid center at emergency.

The facility also has complete stock of disaster medicine and emergency goods.

Tokyo DMAT team is presently exerting the utmost efforts to save more citizens lives on emergency by consolidating disaster medical management for the metropolis Tokyo.

It's not too much to say that rice is the most important food for Japanese.

In Ishikawa prefecture in northwest of Japan, a branded rice called "Hotaru-mai", meaning lightning bug rice, is cultivated.

This rise is cultivated with much less agri-chemicals in clean environment where lighting bugs can exist.

Each rice field has a label and the quality is strictly controlled.

If some problems are found the rice is demoted to normal one. And water is key factor for Hotaru mai.

Here is famous for snow area. Clean and natural snow-melt water comes down from near mountains.

Hotaru mai are sold online and popular all over Japan.

"We get many feedbacks from customers such as... "Hotaru mai is tastier than other prefectures' rice or it's still tasty after it gets cold. It's a bit higher price but it's so tasty. I want foreign people to eat it if an opportunity offers," said Masaya Honda, Japan Agricultural Cooperatives Komatsu city.

The All Nippon Airways (ANA), which runs the project called the "Taste of Japan", introduces Japanese culture and food to customers.

They choose Hotaru mai to server to its customers.

Hideo Yamamoto, General Manager of Kanazawa Sales Office, All Nippon Airways Co Ltd said, "Okome-Meister", who is rice specialists, appreciated Hotaru mai. We also talked with Japan Agricultural Cooperatives and they highly recommended it, so we chose it.

"Okome meister" meaning rice master is specialist of rice like sommelier for wine.

They accept the quality of Hotaru mai.

This is the airline food made with Ishikawa's specialty.

It is expected to be served in some of international airlines for a certain period.

Ishikawa's food culture is advanced and so popular in taste and presentation. In those dishes authorized brand rise, Hotaru mai gained the place of principal food.

(Posted on 02-09-2014)

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