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Russia to enhance nuke capability for own security: Putin

Posted on Aug 30 2014 | IANS

Moscow, Aug 29 (IANS/ITAR -TASS) Russia will continue building up its nuclear potential not for the purpose of intimidation but for ensuring its security, President Vladimir Putin said Friday.

"We are strengthening our nuclear deterrence forces and our armed forces. They are getting more compact and more efficient at the same time. They are getting more modernised in terms of their supply with the latest armaments. We continue building up this potential and we'll be doing this in the future," Putin said at a youth forum in central Russia's Tver region.

He added that Russia does not want to be drawn into large-scale conflicts. "I want to say immediately that Russia is far from getting involved into any large-scale conflicts. We do not want and do not intend to do this."

He,however, warned that "partners" need to understand that it is better not to mess around with Russia. "We must always be ready to repel any aggression against Russia and our partners should always be aware that no matter in which condition their governments may be or which foreign policy concepts they may pursue, it is better not to come against Russia as regards a possible armed conflict."

Putin said that the West needs to realise that the Ukrainian authorities are unable to establish order in their country, especially in the embattled south-eastern regions.

He noted that it was necessary to discuss the kind of rights people in Donetsk and Luhansk will have and to register everything in the form of laws.

"This is what must be discussed," Putin said. "It is important they agree on the essence, but they refuse to agree on the essence and this is the problem."

Ukraine and European countries have accused Russia of launching military operations into Ukraine by sending its troops and hardware into the Donetsk region. Russia has denied the charges.

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